Kayak Exit For Seniors [Entering & Exiting The Kayak]

It’s hard to find people who don’t like sports. And, if adventure is associated with sports, then there is no point in avoiding it. However, kayaking is one of the sports through which you will find the feel of adventure.

Hence, in these cases, your age doesn’t matter at all. But as your body changes with age, you may face various problems.

Therefore, when you go for adventurous sports like kayaking, you should be a little more careful especially, while exiting the kayak. That’s why you should know about kayak exit for seniors.

In this guide, we will discuss some tips about kayak exit for seniors. So, you won’t have to worry about exiting it. Besides, you can make your kayaking journey smooth, enjoyable, as well as comfortable.

So, let’s start!

Some Important Tips For The Kayaking Journey

kayak exit for seniors

Yet, before you start to go through the article, you should know some crucial tips for kayaking. So, your kayaking journey will be straightforward for you, and you can easily exit the kayak.

In non-snow season, kayaking is one of the best sports for seniors. However, without having navigation skills, this kayaking journey will be challenging. Therefore, it’s necessary to know some essential things about it.

  1. Try to start your kayaking tour with a lightweight kayak and a good paddle. This will let you feel comfortable while kayaking.
  2. Avoid the rocky shores when you are going to exit your kayak.
  3. Make a safety plan for your kayak journey.
  4. Try to start your kayaking tour with your family members or friends for your safety.
  5. Make a float plan and use flotation devices such as a weather radio, wet suit, whistle, etc.
  6. Use a dry suit or cloth according to water temperature to prevent cold shock.
  7. Try to fix you on the top seat of the kayak for your easy exit.
  8. Do some physical activities like Yoga to help you enter and exit the kayak easily without facing any issues?
  9. Do a kayaking journey when there is less traffic.

Well, these tips are some basics that will help you smoothly go on a kayaking tour. Not only that, but it will also relieve you of the tension of how you can quickly enter and exit the kayak.

And, now it’s the time for a brief discussion.

The Ways To Exit Kayak For Seniors

So, now you know some tips about how to exit your kayak effortlessly. But, these tips are not the ways that show you the process to exit the kayak. As a senior, your body needs to adapt to some requirements.

It’s because while you are going to exit it, you can’t do that easily. Your legs, knee joints, hips may get injured. Therefore, you have to know the gentle process of exiting yourself from the kayak.

Here are some easy ways for you to exit the kayak as a senior:

Get Yourself Out From The Kayak By Altering The Straddling Process

In this process, you need to place your kayak in at least ankle-deep water. Besides, it will be very useful if it’s a sandy shoreline. After placing it in the ankle-deep water, you need to take the things you need with you.

Then, place the kayak’s paddle behind the cockpit. You also need to keep this paddle as far away as possible from the side facing the shore.

By then, you have to bring the upper part of your body out of the cockpit. But, while exiting the cockpit, you need to sit on the deck as well as on the paddle.

After that, keep your hands free and take them behind your back. Then, you need to hold the kayak’s paddle and the coamings with the hand that is far away from the shore.

Here, one thing you have to remember is that to hold the coamings, you have to get up a little more in your kayak’s seat. You also need to hold the paddle that is near to the shore with the other hand.

After that, you have to properly bend the kayak towards the shore. While you are doing this, try to firmly keep the kayak paddle blades against the water.

So, you won’t get injured if you fall accidentally while exiting. Moreover, it helps you to keep the balance to exit easily.

Then, lift out your legs from the cockpit on either side of your kayak or over the side of it. Finally, get out of yourself from the kayak into the shallow water.

But, don’t try this method on rocky shores. Otherwise, you will be injured as this method does not apply to this shoreline.

Get Out Of Yourself By Rolling Out Of The Kayak

If you are not familiar with the previous method and too senior to do that, you should go for the other method rolling out.

This method doesn’t require so much strength to exit the kayak. Besides, it is one of the practical and easy ways for kayak exit for seniors.

The most significant advantage of this method is seniors who have tight knees and hips can easily exit the kayak through this method. So, if you have such a physical structure, this method is just for you.

But, while exiting the kayak in this way, you may get wet. Without this issue, there is no problem with this method.

So, while rolling out to exit the kayak, ensure that you place the kayak into shallow water. The deepness of the water will be such that you can stand in the water.

Your feet are touching the ground under the water, but you can avoid drowning particles that can hit you.

In this case, to measure the water’s deepness, you can use the kayak’s paddle. You have to dip the paddle vertically under the water. So, you can understand the depth of the water.

However, how much it can measure the depth of the water will depend on the paddle’s length. Well, whatever it is, usually it is advised to roll out where the deepness of the water is more likely 4 feet. In this deepness, you can easily roll out without hitting any submerged objects.

After placing your kayak in such a place, the next step for rolling out is bending your kayak to one side while holding the kayak’s paddle. And, finally, you are done with it.


1.Is It Possible To Make A Kayak Exit Comfortably With Bad Knees?

If you have bad knees and still want kayaking, then it’s a challenging task for you. But, it depends on the condition of your knees.

You may not feel a problem while kayaking, as the lower part of your body doesn’t have to function. Yet, while exiting it, you may face a problem.

It will not be so comfortable for you. Hence, you can use a special kayaking dock, and while exit you can use the rolling out method for easy exit.

2.In Which Place You Can Exit Your Kayak Easily?

To exit the kayak quickly, you should always try to exit your kayak on a sandy beach or shoreline.

3.Is Kayak Exit Safe For Seniors On The Rocky Shoreline?

Honestly, it’s a big no. If you exit your kayak in a rocky shoreline, it will damage your kayak. Besides, you will get hurt if you accidentally fall from the kayak while exiting it.

But if you have to exit on a rocky shoreline, try to gently exit from the kayak.

4.How Will You Understand The Deepness Of Water To Exit The Kayak If There Is No Visual Clarity?

While placing the kayak into shallow water for exiting, it’s necessary to understand the water depth. Yet, if there is no visual clarity to understand the deepness, you can follow two ways.

You can use your paddle by dipping it into the water to know the depth. You can also use the paddle to touch the ground of the water, knowing that if there are any rocks or submerged objects.

Final Words

Well, we are at the end. If you love kayaking, you can’t just avoid it due to this kayak exit issue. We hope now, you know all about kayak exit for seniors.

So, no more waiting! Start your kayaking journey!

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