How To Get Out Of A Kayak With Bad Knees [Safety Always Comes First]

Needless to say that getting in and out of a kayak is a challenging task for everyone. However, it becomes more challenging to get out of a kayak with bad knees.

You may be injured, or the knee pain can be worse than before. You also may suffer in the long run. Therefore, you have to maintain some guidelines for kayaking. Besides, you have to be careful during getting in and out of a kayak.

That is to say, and you won’t suffer from this problem anymore. To get rid of it, follow the instructions about how to get out of a kayak with bad knees. So, let’s get started!

how to get out of a kayak with bad knees

Precautions Before Kayaking With Bad Knees

Kayaking is a very fantastic water journey. However, you have to take some precautions before a kayaking journey when you suffer bad knees. So, let’s discuss the precautions before kayaking with a bad knee.

Consult With Your Doctor

Consulting with a doctor is very important. Because if you have pain in your knee, you must consult a doctor. Doctors can give you advice about your kayaking. Otherwise, knee pain or a bad knee can hamper you.

Besides, your doctor will know your current health situation. He can give you valuable advice on this matter. You should go kayaking If your doctor permits you..

Choose The Best Kayak

Most people don’t think about this before kayaking. Because the quality of kayak gives you quality service.

On the other hand, if you choose a lousy kayak, it will hamper your knee. So, choose the right kayak. It will be easier to enter and exit easier.

Get Useful Equipment

You have to purchase the best equipment for kayaking, such as the right paddle, a kayak seat, and a supportive backrest.

Because the right equipment is a better investment. Besides, you have to take knee pads and footrests. Without these, you cannot kayak comfortably.


Stretching and warming up are beneficial exercise for your joints and muscles. Warming up can help you with unwanted side effects.

Select Your Starting And Ending Points

You have to select your starting and ending points very wisely. Because water’s behavior is not the same all the time. It also could give you an unnecessary stain on your bad knee.

Taking Private Lessons

Some people are not experienced in kayaking or hesitate with bad knees. But at this moment, they have to go to private lessons.

Kayaking instructors are very experienced in this work. They also work with severe disabilities. Besides, Kayak instructors can give you the best advice for kayaking and also your knee problem.

How To Get Out Of A Kayak With Bad Knees?

Now, let’s unboxed the solution about how to get out of a kayak with bad knees. However, people face trouble when getting out of a kayak with a bad knee.

If you also worry about that, there are three ways to help you. Go to below and follow the ways. After that, you can exit out safely.

First One

  • Firstly, you have to make sure to paddle to shallow water in your kayak. Try to close to the shore as you are comfortable. And also make sure that water should be around two feet deep.
  • However, you have to try to head to a sandy shore. Then, you can reach the shortline quickly.
  • You need to swing one leg side from the kayak. And also carefully place foot.
  • Now, grab the kayak sides with both hands. And slowly push yourself from the kayak. It may relieve you from pressure on your knee.

Second One

  • Head to the shore in your kayak and gather more speed as you can. Then, go to the kayak on the bank. But leave yaks on the dry land.
  • Besides, try to lift both your legs over the side up to the ground. If you can’t reach your destination, lean over on the kayak.
  • Now, take both your hands for support. Then, out of the kayak and comfort yourself.

Third One

  • Try to paddle where you know that shallow water. Deep knee water is ideal for kayaking.
  • At first, ensure your life jacket with you.
  • Now try to roll your body and out of the water.
  • If you quit from your kayak, stand up in the water. This water can help you to release pressure. After that, you can push your paddle for extra support.

All this way to get out of a kayak with bad knees is to ensure you are on the right track.

Tips To Quickly Get In And Get Out From The Kayak

There are many tips to make it easier to enter and exit from your kayak. Some of them are involved in Kayak accessories.

Moreover, you can buy from here and practice before getting in the kayak. Some useful tips for getting in and out of the kayak is given below.

Daily Stretching

Stretching is very helpful for kayaking. Daily stretching can make you more comfortable in kayaking. Some people do not believe in daily stretching.

But daily stretching will help you if you have serious damage to your knees. However, always be aware of your knee because your knee impacts your ability to get out of the kayak.

Besides, daily stretching has positive effects on your whole body. It could make your body move easier. It is the best tip for easier to get in and out from a kayak.

Elevate Your Legs During Paddling

Try to elevate your legs during paddling. Some people are uncomfortable elevating their legs in paddling time.

But it can make it easier to get in and out of a kayak. If you sit flat in your kayak, your blood can pool around your knee. It can make you uncomfortable.

So, I recommend that you should evaluate your legs during paddling. It will help you to pool blood and feel comfortable.

Get Knee Pads

Knee Pads are essential for easter to get in and out of the kayak. Try to wear knee pads during kayaking. That must say, it’s going to be uncomfortable to shore for the first time in a kayak.

However, you are not climbing in a kayak once. Right? Then, wearing knee pads is very important for you. Because it is easy and affordable to enter and exit kayak easier.

Final Thoughts

Kayaking is a very amazing water sport, and it can be enjoyable when everything is well.

However, it also has occurred some problems for your body. That must say, knee problems are a common problem while kayaking time.

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