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What is the best spinning reel?

Don’t we all reminisce the time when we used to sit beside our father and watch them use fishing gear with spinning reels to catch the biggest fish in the pond? What excitement and joy crossed our minds when they would turn the reel faster and harder to bring up the caught fish! I still […]

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Outdoor Recreational Activities For Youth

Time and generation have changed and outdoor recreational activities for youth have also changed with the changing time. Most of the youth now are addicted to the video game. Research from Statista shows that over 2.3 billion people (most of them are youth) were addicted to the video game in 2018 and the number is […]

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How to Clean a Kayak | Kayak Tips

Experts recommend cleaning your kayak after every trip. This is important in keeping it in good condition so that it can last for many years. Washing and polishing your kayak from time to time prevents it from getting scratches, staining, UV damage and acid rain damage among others.On top of protecting your kayak, washing your […]

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Fishing for perch worldwide using fishing lures

Perch are a common fish throughout most countries, while many varieties exist throughout the world, the most common are the European Redifn Perch and the Yellow Perch found throughout the USA and Canada. These fish are also introduced to many other western countries in other parts of the world, one example is Australia where Redfin […]

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