Travel Insurance For Kayaking And Rafting

Going kayaking or rafting is an exciting way to spend time outdoors. These sports are adventurous and give you a good time to connect with nature. Whether you prefer paddling along the rivers, lakes, or beaches, having travel insurance for kayaking and rafting is important.

Unexpected things happened while on the water so having an insurance cover can keep you secure and safe. There have been more than 530 deaths reported between 2007 and 2016 from rafting and kayaking. That is why it is crucial to have insurance and give yourself peace of mind while you are on your adventures.

What is Covered in Travel Insurance for Kayaking and Rafting?

Travel Insurance For Kayaking And Rafting

Your kayaking and rafting insurance cover protects you from different things while you are on the water. Some of the common things covered in the insurance include:

1. Baggage Protection

There are many cases of kayakers losing their kayaks and gear when kayaking or rafting. If you have travel insurance coverage, the insurance can help you replace your stolen belongings.

2. Emergency Medical

Unexpected instances can happen while you are in the water. If you are into white water rafting, sometimes the rapids can overwhelm you. the medical emergency cover comes in handy if you suffer injuries.

3. Evacuation

Kayaking is an adventurous activity so you can find yourself in hidden sports without proximity to medical centers or hospitals. In case of injuries,  you can be taken to the nearest medical facility if you have travel insurance for kayaking and rafting.

4. Holiday Cancellation

At times, you might have an injured person when traveling and this can make you cancel your trip. If you have insurance coverage, you can recover travel expenses after trip cancellation.

What is Not Covered?

Some things are not covered in travel insurance for kayaking and rafting. Such exemptions include:

  • Expenses that other sources can cover
  • If you refuse to be evacuated
  • Expenses from pre-existing medical conditions
  • Failure to follow doctors instructions
  • Criminal and illegal acts

Tips to Get the Best from Your Travel Insurance

When heading to outdoor activities like kayaking and rafting, safety should always be your priority. There are several things you can do to ensure you have a nice experience and avoid invalidating your travel insurance. These tips include:

Always follow the rules: Before you go on your trip, check the weather and ensure it suits canoeing, rafting, or kayaking.

Know your skills: When on the water, it is good to stay within your skill level. You can’t go white water rafting if you are not a good swimmer. Additionally, if you are not experienced, avoid trying white water kayaking on higher difficult grades.

Understand where you are going: Don’t plan your kayaking or rafting trip to dangerous water bodies. You should also avoid water bodies with powerful currents, violent rapids, or steep. And if there are any warnings, ensure you abide by them.

Take care of your belongings: Don’t be careless and leave your kayak and other gear unattended on the beach or other public places.

Tips for Kayaking and Rafting

  • Do not go to the water alone. Have someone with you in case of injuries or if there will be a need to contact emergency services.
  • Follow local warnings and don’t go to water bodies that the local authorities have declared dangerous.
  • If you are inexperienced, go for your adventure with licensed professionals.
  • Ensure you have functional equipment and wear your floating devices and helmets correctly.
  • Choose the right travel insurance for kayaking and rafting.


Kayaking and rafting are exciting activities you can spend time with your friends and family. you should carry essentials for your trip like sunscreen, glasses straps, plastic bags, driver’s license or ID, and other essential gear. Additionally, it is good to ensure you have the right insurance coverage.

Depending on the time of the year you choose to go for your kayaking trip, the sport can be adventurous, and this calls for travel insurance. Having travel insurance for rafting and kayaking is essential because it protects you from various uncertainties that can happen while on the water. There are several insurance companies you can choose from who provide the best plans for kayaking and rafting. Compare their quotes, and pick the right company that suits your needs.

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