How To Plan A kayaking Adventure Trip

Kayaking is an enjoyable and rewarding activity that you can engage in for fishing, recreation or health and fitness. The activity is relaxing, and at the same time, it can be challenging. Learning the basics of kayaking is easy, it’s something that you can learn in a day. However, you need to practice often to ensure your safety on waters. Now that you are planning a kayaking adventure trip, there are several things that you need to know before you start your trip. Don’t just wake up one day and take your kayak, and you might not enjoy your trip if it is not perfectly planned.

If you do not plan your trip, that is planning to fail. For the most successful adventure on the waters, this guide will help you know everything that will make your trip a success. Once you go through the details that I have covered, you can be sure of enjoying your trips for the number of days that you will be out. You have to know what type of thing you have to consider before plan a kayaking trip.

kayaking adventure trip

The Weather

Before you start your trip, it is wise to consider the type of weather that you are likely to experience. If you have never been to the place before, you should research the prevailing weather trends like the winds or precipitation of the area you will be visiting.

Depending on the period of the year that you want to take your trip, you should research the maximum level of precipitation, and the sped of winds at that particular moment. It is also important to know the wave conditions of the region you are visiting.

Understanding the conditions is important so that you can equip yourself with critical paddling skills. Know the tides, river grades weather changes and some of the local hazards experienced in the region.


Packing in advance is important when you are planning a kayaking adventure trip. Do not be the last-minute rusher because you might end up forgetting some important things and hence compromise the fun for your trip. I remember the last time I was taking my kayaking trip, and I packed my gear the same time that I was leaving. You can guess what happened. I ended up forgetting some important items that I could not do without during the trip. If you are a music lover then you can take you personal guitar alone with you. You can also take the best speargun for some fun as spearfishing is becoming more popular.

You need to pack in advance so that you do find out on the day of your trip that some of your items cannot fit. Test the pack to ensure everything is okay and fits perfectly. For the best outcomes, you can pack your items exactly how you will pack them during the trip. It is advisable to write down the items and the order of placement for you to get the best arrangement.

Choose Your Water Vessel

Do you want to use a kayak or a canoe? I would recommend you to choose the best kayak because they are more adventurous on the water and easy to manage. Canoes have a large capacity so they can accommodate more gear but they are prone to flipping hence might get everything that you had carried wet.

There are different means in which you can acquire a vessel. You can buy one or even rent deepening on the amount of money that you want to spend. Always go for the best vessel so that you can have an enjoyable trip.


How safe do you want to keep your equipment? You should consider purchasing a dry bag to keep your equipment perfectly sealed. The bags are easily available, and they come in different sizes and styles. Depending on the period of the year that you are taking your trip, you should also carry with you a tent to provide you with shelter and protect you from adverse weather. If you do not want to carry a tent, you can opt to buy a sleeping bag.

For cold season, carry warm clothes. You should also carry heavy duty boost the river banks get muddy. Another important item that you should not leave behind is a rain gear. In this case, you can carry a kayak cover or poncho unless you are sure that it won’t rain.


Most people spend a little time planning for proper diets for their trip, therefore, carry just snack foods. In as much as you want to have fun during your trip, you cannot forget to carry food. Don’t just pick any food, and some are highly perishable hence not perfect for the trip. You can carry canned food like spaghetti, fruits or any other that is your favorite. You can also make baked potatoes in your campfire, and they can last for even a week without going bad.

Know Your Kit

Familiarize yourself with the working of your kit so that you can handle emergency situations without any problem. You need to know how to light the stove using throw lines and towlines among other things. Also, ensure that you can use safety equipment like a fishing sunglasseshelmet, VHF, GPS, radios, binocular (To know more about binoculars visit this website) and EPIRB effectively.


You want a fun trip but also get back home safe. You should equip yourself with the right knowledge that will help you handle rivers and sea conditions that might be tricky. You should know more about hazards like tides races, streams and strainers among others. You should also learn some important rescue skills such as curling, rolling, Eskimo rolling and the like.

Final Words

Water adventure is among the most interesting activities that you can do for fun. In as much as several challenges might be experienced, you can enjoy your trip effectively if you are well prepared.

I have provided you with some important things that you should know when planning a kayaking adventure trip. If you learn all these things before your kayaking adventure trip, you will enjoy your trip optimally. Do not just head for any kayaking trip without having more information about the place. Know more information, and you will be ready to handle any challenge that comes your way.

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