The Ultimate Guide to Kayaking in Florida

My friends and I have always been adventure junkies. Traveling and exploring the world is our thing and always look for the most amazing places. The best experience was when we went kayaking in Florida. I mean the white sand beaches and the soothing sunshine makes the place a true paradise.

The diverse natural landscape and abundant wildlife make it a place you won’t grow tired of visiting. Here are a few places that I would highly recommend you go to Kayaking when you visit Florida. They will provide you with experiences and adventures worth cherishing.

kayaking in florida

Best Places For Kayaking In Florida

Suwannee River

If you like picnics and camping, then this is a place to enjoy yourself during your Kayaking trip. There are great rivers in Florida, but Suwannee River is the one that stands out because of its rich history. Ensure you visit the white springs found at the upper Suwannee River and be rewarded with tranquility.

You will be fascinated by the freshwater springs feeding the river because honesty is quite a view. Along the river, there are ancient Cyprus and pine forests and amazing kayaking and hiking trails.

Sanibel Island

Whenever you are at Sanibel island, your day will always be full of adventure and exploration. Sanibel Island is known for its fantastic cruise line. As you Kayak, you will be able to spot dolphins and also birds around the area. Make your way to the Tarpon Bay explorers, where you will relax and enjoy watching nature.

You can also decide to do a little fishing. You wouldn’t want to leave the place once you are there because that’s one beautiful sanctuary. If someone hasn’t been there yet, then they are missing out on great adventures.

St John’s River

The St John’s River is a must-visit whenever if you think of Kayaking. The river is really wide and known for its crystal clear water and its amazing West Indian manatees’ amazing population. The place has a lot of cypress trees and live oak trees.

The perfect place to Kayaking at the St John’s River is the Welaka springs popular among adventurous Kayakers. You will be sure to enjoy great views of boathouses and residences as you, Kayak. You will also come across forest birds and alligators along the banks.

Oleta River

If you want to experience great views of the river inlets and the skylines, then this the place. Oleta River is beautiful, with lush vegetation and the surrounding has abundant wildlife.  You will also come across birds like herons and the egrets.

Oleta river state park, with its mangrove ecosystem and palm-studded islands, makes in a fantastic place. It a place you won’t regret spending all your time at. It’s sparkling blue waters would make you stop to watch the river and enjoy the beautiful nature.

Rainbow River

When it comes to crystal clear water, then the rainbow river carries the day. Also, if you are a nature lover, then this is the place you should most of your time at. This river features rainbow springs that you can always watch at the Rainbow Springs Park.

The flowing river is surrounded by a variety of wildlife and all types of birds. You can make a stopover for a little bit of fishing to pass the time as you Kayak. This is only one place where you will see turtles and alligators alongside the riversides.

Santa Fe River

This is an amazing tourist destination with a lot of things to offer. The place is great for night paddling and there are abundant wildlife and clear waters to help you enjoy.

Cedar key

For those kayakers who love seclusion, this is the right place to be. This kayaking spot allows you to enjoy stunning landscapes, saltwater marshes and winding channels. This secluded place is the best and you will enjoy paddling here.

Final Words

Florida should be topping your list of dream destinations. Kayaking is an outdoor activity that would do you some good. What most people don’t know is that it’s a good physical activity and a low-impact sport. Kayaking helps you improve your health and fitness.

Note that the best time to go Kayaking in the amazing state is during the dryer and colder seasons. Start making plans on visiting Florida for Kayaking already because that’s every adventurous person’s dream destination.

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