Does Your Existing Insurance Cover Your Kayak?

Spending time outdoors on your kayak is exciting, and it gives you peace of mind. However, accidents can still take place and it can be costly if you are not insured.  Having a home insurance policy is great because it covers you from property destruction, loss, theft, or personal liability for harm done to others. The big question is- does your existing insurance cover your kayak?

If you have home insurance, you might assume that it will cover your kayak in case of accidents but it is not always the case. This guide provides the essential information you should know about insuring your kayak and whether it is covered by your existing insurance. Let’s dive deeper!

Does Your Existing Insurance Cover Your Kayak

Is Your Kayak Covered in Your Homeowner Insurance?

Your homeowner insurance covers your boats and personal watercraft but the coverage is limited. Many homeowner insurance cover watercraft that are valued below $1500 and under 26 feet. The coverage includes watercraft like kayaks, row boats, canoes, and small sailboats. This limit also includes accessories like skirts, life jackets, paddles, and others.

If you need your homeowner insurance to cover your kayak, you must list it in your home inventory. You should also talk to your insurance agent about whether you require coverage for your watercraft. If your kayak is covered in your existing insurance cover, it is covered for perils on transit, on vacation, or at home. Most of the peril covered by the homeowner insurance include theft, fire, explosion, lightning, and physical damage. The homeowner insurance doesn’t cover things like ice, war, nuclear hazard, or water backup.

How About an Expensive Kayak?

If your kayak and its accessories cost more than $1500, it is a good idea to itemize your kayak on supplemental coverage. But you may need to pay some premiums on top of your content coverage. This coverage requires you and the insurance company to determine the value of the kayak and the accessories. When there is a claim, you are paid for the cost you two agreed on.

Does Homeowner Insurance Cover Kayak-Related Liabilities?

Whether you are a beginner or a professional kayaker, you can find yourself in liability issues. You are responsible for the damages or injuries caused by your kayak whether you are using it or not. For instance, if you give a friend your kayak, and they get injured in course of the use, you are responsible for the damages.

Homeowner insurance doesn’t cover kayak-related liabilities. Your boat insurance can cover kayak liability but in very rare cases. If it does, you must have agreed upon it with the insurer. Having an umbrella policy can be best to cover water liabilities. This policy protects you from various types of liabilities even kayaks. Additionally, it has high limits from 1-5 million dollars so you get full protection.

Can I Get a Thorough Coverage for My Boat?

Since the home insurance doesn’t entirely cover your watercraft, you can get boat insurance coverage if you need thorough coverage for your watercraft. A boat insurance policy is similar to an auto insurance policy because it can also be broken down. You are covered for the watercraft, liability coverage, and coverage for other uninsured boaters.

If you have this type of policy and your boat is damaged by any of the perils named above, you get insurance for the value of your craft as compared to only $1500. Additionally, if you injure a third party or destroy property, the liability policy protects you. However, the insurance for larger boats is higher.


Insuring your kayak is essential to avoid costly expenses in case of accidents. What was a summertime fun that can turn into a hazard anytime? Insuring your kayak protects you when it is stolen, third-party damages, sinks, or other perils. Understanding how your insurance coverage works is also crucial to avoid spending money from your pocket.

Your existing insurance can cover your kayak but only to some extent. As stated above, most home insurance covers your kayak up to $1500. You can get boat insurance for more comprehensive coverage. Insuring your kayak and its accessories is easy. Contact your insurance agent to list your watercraft in your home inventory. You should also discuss whether you need a supplement rider or purchase an umbrella policy.

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