The Ultimate Guide To Kayaking In Arizona

Arizona is known for many amazing sceneries and fun activities that outdoor enthusiasts can enjoy at different times of the year. It is the home to great Grand Canyon, which is at the top of all the features that make it one of the US’s best tourist destinations.

But that is not all since it has some of the best lakes and rivers suitable for kayaking. Other fun activities commonly practiced during warm and dry climate. This is the ultimate guide to kayaking in Arizona.

The best destinations for kayaking in Arizona

kayaking in arizona

Arizona has both seasonal and regular rivers that kayakers find very conducive for pleasurable paddling. You can bring your family along on vacation to enjoy all the abundance of kayaking points that the Grand Canyon State offers. You can find adventurous kayak trips in any of the following waterways or places:

1.Lake Powell

Besides being conducive for actual kayaking, this lake has lots of beautiful sceneries to boast of. Lake Powell is also well-known for its enriched geological history. You can paddle through Canyon of Antelope down to Lone Rock Canyon to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

These sources of attraction complement the thrills that come from the adventures in the waterways. Whether you are an experienced paddler or a beginner, the time you spend in this lake will be quality and satisfactory.

2.Grand Canyon

Kayaking in the Grand Canyon will give you a different kind of feeling. The Colorado River flows through it and is a common kayaking place. Being one of the Seven Wonders in the World, you cannot claim to have experienced the fullness of the adventure in Arizona if you did not kayak in this spectacular place. The whitewater here is irresistible. You can always maximize your enjoyment by trying everything and making sure you stay safe through it all.

3.Blue Ridge Reservoir

Most Arizona kayakers love this place for its excellent sites and gentle waters. It is a great reservoir and borders the Mogollon Rim, which makes it even more attractive. You can enjoy the thrill in the waters while sightseeing along the waterway. Even better, the lake is surrounded by large canyon walls and forestry. The waters are peaceful, and you get to enjoy limited traffic, which makes it tranquil for those who would want a solitary experience.

4.Lower Salt River

This is one of the most famous destinations for kayaking. If you value memories from your kayaking in Arizona, the Lower Salt Lake can provide you with plenty to remember for many years to come. There is a reason why the locals hold it in high regard, and it will not take you long before you realize why. You get to enjoy everything from stunning views to the exploration of calm waters. Wildlife spices up the rowing since you can have fun interacting with different harmless wild animals along the river as you adventure along with it.

5.Bartlett Lake

To reach the Bartlett Lake, you drive about 45 miles to the north of Tempo Shop location. The size of the lake is amazing, giving you enough space to realize your wildest kayaking dreams. The lake is surrounded by a whole 2800 acres of space.

It is an east valley lake that is one of the largest in Arizona. Besides paddling and kayaking, you can enjoy camping in the hillside. It gives outdoor enthusiasts a complete package of enjoyment.

6.Saguaro Lake

Among its most fascinating scenes is the Saguaro Cactus, which surrounds the beautiful lake. You can find it on the east side of the Tonto National Forest. You can fish, paddle, or kayak here with hundreds of other fans who love it for its serene environment and idealness for these activities. The lake boasts numerous beautiful beaches from which you can choose the right spot for your adventures.

The Ultimate Guide to Kayaking in Arizona

Final Verdict

The list of places where kayakers can have a good time is endless. These are just a few of the numerous spots for kayaking in Arizona. Since kayaking’s popularity is gradually rising, travelers should be sure about where to take their wild desires. You cannot be far from the best experience with any of the locations with the destinations mentioned above.

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