The Ultimate Guide To Kayaking In Michigan

Are you a lover of water sports? Do you live in or would like to visit Michigan?  Michigan offers you a freshwater coastline of more than 3,200 miles. Water trails, rivers, and lakes to make your water sports memorable. These sites are perfect sports for kayaking in Michigan.

In Michigan, you can go whitewater kayaking, sea kayaking, or recreational kayaking. Read on to know some of the best trips you can take on a kayaking experience. Also in this guide are the best inland lakes and rivers that you can include in your itinerary.

kayaking in michigan

Things to know before you go out into the waters

  • Buy the right kayak for you
  • Learn how to paddle and basic techniques involved.
  • Learn how to go in and out of the vessel to avoid overturning
  • Carry safety equipment

Categories of Kayaking

As you plan for your unforgettable water sports experience, it is essential to know which kind of kayaking you are going to. This will influence your decision for which kind of kayak to carry along. There are three types of kayaking:

Sea kayaking:

It involves kayaking in open water bodies like lakes and oceans. Sea touring kayaks or ones that are inflatable are best for this type of kayaking.

White water kayaking:

This is where you paddle in river rapids that classify as two or above. Kayak used in this paddling are short, have spray skirts, and usually maneuver in the waters easily.

Recreational kayaking:

This is kayaking done in rivers that move slowly and lakes. It is the most appropriate if you are beginning. This is the best paddling if you want to take photographs of scenes you may see.

Best Places to Kayaking in Michigan

Michigan is home to great lakes and rivers for kayaking. Here are some of the best places to make memories.

Pictured Rocks

Undoubtedly the most famous kayaking place in Michigan. Enjoy amazing sceneries while you paddle along the shores of Lake Superior. Rainbow colored cliffs that can be well viewed in the mornings blend in perfectly with the name “Picture Rocks”. You will also have a lifetime chance of seeing sea caves, colossal cliffs, and arches.

Huron River

This only scenic natural river is county-designated located in southeast Michigan. The river covers five towns and has a variety of paddling conditions. You can paddle into the connected lakes like Belleville Lake, Lake Erie, and Ford Lake. This is the best place to earn white water kayaking skills. There is a massive rock formation along the shores and great wildlife to watch.

Manistee River

Here is the lazy river float you always wanted. You can go to the Manistee River for recreational kayaking in Michigan because of the amazing scenic sites. Enjoy wildlife like deer, bear, bald eagle, and many more.

This is the best place that you can enjoy fishing too. To get the best experience, stop by Wilderness Canoe Trips and Tubes. They have overnight services too.

Turnip rock

Paddle down to the turnip rock through shallow waters. While at it look at Thumb Nail Point, majestic cliffs, and sea caves. Head straight to Port Austin kayak to get the best view of Lake Huron. There you can rent kayak and paddleboards for friends or family who did not bring one.

Lake St. Clair

Have you thought of a place away from the wilderness to kayak? Lake St. Clair is the place to be. Enjoy great sandy beaches and a few stopovers for lunch when you are hungry. On the banks of the lake, you will find Simple adventure Water sports for beginner lessons.

AuSable River

Paddle down the Huron-Manistee national forest on the AuSable River. For a more relaxed and affordable trip. Grayling is the best place to start. Start from several cozy spots and enjoy watching eagles and otters while paddling.

Other Great Places You Can Try:

  • Chain O’Lakes
  • Two Hearted river
  • Manistique River
  • Isle Royale
  • Mackinac Island
  • Crystal River

Final Words

Kayaking in Michigan has never been fun, go to any of the above places to get a memorable kayaking experience. Take kayaking lessons, buy a kayak, and call friends and family because you are going to Michigan. Explore all the amazing sceneries, shores, cliffs, and wildlife. Do not forget to take lots of pictures and videos too. You might find a new hobby.

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