Best Fishing Kayak For Big Guys – Guide and Reviews

One of the hardest decisions that big sized paddlers experience is finding a fishing kayak that will fit them well. The good thing is that many manufacturers have designed the best fishing kayak for big guys that accommodate them comfortably as well as their gear.

Kayaks for heavy guys should be sturdy, stable and comfortable. They should also provide the right support so that they can enjoy fishing. So, if you are a huge guy who is passionate about fishing, you don’t have to worry about getting a comfortable fishing kayak.

I have done the search on your behalf and hereby provide you with reviews of recommended fishing kayaks that accommodate big guys. Read on to find the reviews, pros, cons and a buying guide so that it will be easy for you to make the right decision.

Fishing Kayak For Big Guys Comparison Table

​Best Fishing Kayak For Big Guys Reviews

Finding a big man kayak can be tough especially if you are buying your first model. You want a comfortable kayak that will accommodate your body weight while still keeping you comfortable. I dedicated my time to research to provide you with quality fishing kayaks for big people.

1.SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Journey 12-Foot Sit-on-top Fishing Kayak

Looking for a comfortable fishing kayak for relaxing fishing trips? Sun Dolphin Journey 12-Foot fishing kayak can help you enjoy your kayaking experience. This is one of the best kayaks for big guys that are designed to provide better tracking and maneuverability on water. The kayak features a sit on design with a large and comfortable seating surface that keeps you comfortable.

The seat back of the kayak is padded to enhance your comfort when you are out for a fishing trip. Additionally, it is designed with adjustable foot braces that are designed to hold paddlers of all body sizes. All these comfort features ensure that you achieve an amazing experience when you are on the water.

Another great thing about this kayak is that it has multiple storage compartments to store your items. It features a swivel rod holder and two flush mounted rod holders that are all designed to make your fishing experience simple. You can use this kayak in rivers and lakes if you have already identified your favorite fishing spots.

​Unlike other kayaks, this model is pretty lightweight so you will not have trouble carrying it around. This lightweight kayak paddles and tracks with ease giving you maximum stability while on the water. When it comes to construction, it is designed to serve you for many years. It features a rugged UV stabilized fortiflex high-density polyethylene make which makes it long-lasting and able to handle outdoor conditions.


  • Designed with a large and comfortable seating surface
  • Have multiple storage compartments
  • Retractable carrying handles
  • It is lightweight
  • Perfect for use in rivers and lakes
  • High-quality construction
  • Tracks and paddles well
  • It is affordable


  • Some people find the seating uncomfortable
  • Great kayak but complaints of dents

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2.Lifetime 10 Foot, Two Person Tandem Fishing Kayak with Paddles

If you do not like solo kayaking, the best thing you can do is to buy a fishing kayak that can accommodate two people. Lifetime 10 Foot is a great kayak that is affordable and has many useful features. Not only is it designed to accommodate two people but it is also capable of holding 3 people with a maximum weight of 500 lbs. This is a popular kayak among many paddlers because of its stability.

The first thing you will notice about the kayak is its superior and durable construction. It is made of a high-density polyethylene material that makes it durable. It has a UV protected construction that is resistant to cracking, peeling or fading. If you want to spend your money on a quality kayak that will serve you for many years to come, this one will be a great purchase.

One of the most important things that you should check when you are buying a fishing kayak is its stability and tracking. You want to end up with a quality model that is easy to use. This model features a hull design to provide you with great stability and tracking when you are fishing. The kayak can accommodate a high weight capacity without any chances of tipping.

Comfort is also another key thing that makes up a good kayak. The Lifetime fishing kayak is designed with multiple footrests that can accommodate people of all sizes. It also has two padded backrests that you can move to any of the three seating positions.  When you buy this kayak, you will get other items like 2 double sided paddles, 3 fishing pole holders, paddle clips, 2 padded backrests, and 6-inch storage hatch.


  • It comes with a paddle
  • The kaya is stable and tracks with ease
  • Designed with a durable construction
  • Multiple footrests
  • Padded backrests
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Strong and affordable


  • Stable kayak but it is very heavy
  • Complaints of damages due to poor packaging
  • Ideal for recreation but not fishing

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3.BKC UH-TK181 12-Foot 5-inch Sit On Top Tandem 2 Person Fishing Kayak

Kayak fishing is growing popular among many people because of many reasons. As compared to other types of fishing, kayak fishing is affordable, versatile and portable. There are different types of kayaks that have been designed to meet the demand of all paddlers.

If you are looking for the best big man fishing kayak, I would recommend the BKC UH-TK181 12-Foot 5-inch. This is a great kayak that can accommodate two people with a maximum load capacity of 440 pounds.

Wondering where you will keep your phone, keys and other items without getting into contact with water? This fishing kayak has got you covered because it is designed with waterproof storage hatches that you can store snacks, wallet, keys and other essential items. You will also find more storage compartment at each of the legs of the paddlers.

The kayak has 7 rod holders where 3 are fishing rod holders while 4 are flush mounted rod holders. Additionally, it has 2 secure paddle rests so you don’t have to worry about losing your paddles. The paddles have a secure storage and this keeps your hand free because you don’t have to keep holding the paddles.

Is your kayak fishing trip taking several days? If so, you will need to carry some extra clothing and other gear with you. This model is designed with a secure cargo area that utilizes a bungee tie down system giving you the opportunity to keep more gear. When it comes to transportation and storage, you should also expect a simple time because it is designed with convenient carry handles. You can use the handles to transport or store your kayak when it is not in use.


  • Designed with waterproof storage hatches
  • It has two paddle rests
  • Multiple carrying handles for easy transportation
  • It has a secure cargo area
  • Designed with 7 rod holders
  • The kayak is stable and balanced
  • 8 scrapper holes to drain water
  • Stable and easy to maneuver


  • The kayak is good for lakes but not oceans
  • Complaints of a terrible fit

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4.Intex Explorer K2 Kayak, 2-Person Inflatable Kayak

When it comes to kayaking, the last thing you want is a kayak that is uncomfortable. What if you will be spending more hours on the water? You definitely want a comfortable kayak especially if you are a big person. Looking for a kayak for big guy? Try Intex Explorer K2 Kayak and you will love every moment of your fishing trip.

This is a great kayak that can accommodate two people. If you want to tag along with a friend when going for a fishing trip, there is ample space to hold two people. If you also want to train your son or daughter how to fish, having this kayak will make your experiences on the water wonderful. It is strong enough to hold a weight capacity of 400 pounds.

The kayak is designed to provide paddlers with comfort. It has an adjustable and inflatable seat with a backrest to ensure you get maximum comfort. The cockpit of the kayak is also designed to provide users with more space and comfort. This kayak is ideal for use in smaller water bodies like mild rivers and lakes.

Another thing that makes this kayak favorite among paddlers is its stability. It is even designed with a removable skeg to provide directional stability. The kayak also has nice visibility that makes you be seen in cases of emergency. Its bright yellow color makes it easily seen while on the water.


  • Perfect for beginner paddlers
  • Easy to inflate
  • Two people can operate it with ease
  • It is affordable
  • Great for big guys
  • It is comfortable
  • Stable and can hold a high weight capacity
  • Great for two people


  • Paddling can be hard in heavy wind conditions
  • The kayak is not ideal for coastal conditions

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5.Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak

Finding a comfortable kayak can be a tough task. There are so many kayaks on the market today that are designed to handle different types of users. Would like to buy a whitewater kayak for big guys? If so, I have narrowed your search and hereby provide you with a review of Ocean Kayak Prowler.

This is a nice kayak that is designed for people who want to achieve versatility. It works well when you are fishing in a wide range of conditions from calm lakes to rivers.

The kayak features a durable design so you don’t have to worry about its longevity. It is designed with a 4-way comfort plus seat support that makes it comfortable for all day paddling. It doesn’t matter your body type, you will always get maximum comfort from this kayak.

You will also love the stability of the kayak. In as much as it is narrow as compared to other fishing kayaks, it has the best stability to overcome ocean waves and rough waters. A good kayak should also provide you with ample storage for your items and this is exactly what you get from this model.  It is designed with a large storage hatch featuring a click seal lock that helps you store your items dry.

Moving the kayak from one point to the other is not complicated but it feels heavier than other fishing kayaks. If you have to move it from one point to the other, it features a skid plate below the keel that provides you with extra strength. This means that you don’t have to damage the hull when dragging. Additionally, it has mounted carrying handles that make transportation a bliss.


  • It is stable and versatile
  • It has ample storage
  • The kayak is efficient and fast on the water
  • Has a durable construction
  • Easy to maneuver


  • The seat might not be comfortable for long trips
  • Only features 2 rod holders

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6.Perception Kayak Pescador Pro Sit On Top For Fishing

Looking for a fishing kayak for large person? Then Perception Kayak is right for you. Any angler will love this kayak because it is designed in a way that it gives you comfort. It has a comfortable seat that will not hurt your back even when you are on the water for many hours.

The seat is designed with a mesh seat back that you can easily adjust in an upright position or in a reclined position. The seat is also removable if you want to make storage and transportation easier.

Transporting this kayak is also simple because it features molded carrying handles. The handles are designed in a way that they are comfortable to hold. Additionally, it features a skid plate that provides extra strength if you want to drag it to your ideal fishing spot without causing any damage on the hull.

If you are looking for you fist fishing kayak, this model is designed to suit beginners. It is easy to maneuver on calm waters like in slow-moving rivers and lakes. It also has a compact size meaning that it is not too large so you will not have any problems moving it back and forth.


  • Great kayak for beginners
  • It is comfortable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Seat provides two seating positions
  • Has cup holders and rod holders
  • The front of the seat has tackle storage
  • It comes with two gear tracks


  • Terrible shipping with missing attachment points

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7.Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak

If you are a big guy, you understand the importance of having a kayak that will accommodate your body size without compromising your comfort. You need to get a kayak that is specifically designed for larger guys so that you can be comfortable when fishing.

If you are wondering the right kayak to choose, I would recommend you to try the Advanced Elements FireFly Inflatable Kayak.

This is a compact and durable kayak that is perfect for recreation. The kayak is lightweight and perfect for families who love taking kayaking adventures. Being an inflatable kayak, it is pretty easy to inflate and deflate for storage.

It can be a great purchase if you intend to paddle on rivers and lakes. The kayak is designed with a unique outer cover that makes it durable and lightweight. Additionally, it has a built-in rigid panel to provide improved tracking.

The kayak is designed to provide you with many years of use. It features built-in panels that make it sturdy. It also has a landing plate as well as a tracking skeg that provides it a better direction. Its polyester cover also enhances its durability.


  • Durable and lightweight
  • It is portable
  • Easy to inflate
  • Provides good maneuverability
  • Affordable and ideal for beginners


  • Doesn’t have back support

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8.Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Angler Kayak

Want to have an enjoyable kayaking experience? Then you should consider having the Wilderness Systems Tarpon 100 Angler Kayak. This is one of the best kayaks for big people that provide an outstanding performance on lakes, ponds, and bays. As compared to other 10 foot models, this one is designed with a larger tankwell that provides more capacity.

When it comes to comfort features, you need to check how comfortable it is especially if you will be spending more time on the water. The seat of this kayak has a contoured seat cushion with backrest that keeps you comfortable and supports your buttocks and thighs.  It also supports your lower back. For more comfort, it features adjustable keeper foot braces that hold paddlers with varying inseam lengths.

Storage is another important thing that you should check when buying a fishing kayak. You don’t want to leave essential items on the shore simply because the kayak doesn’t have enough storage. There is ample space to keep your essential items when fishing.

Paddlers also love this kayak because of its stability. Not only is it stable but also highly maneuverable. It makes it a perfect selection when you are fishing in small lakes and ponds. The short length of the kayak and its narrow width makes it easily maneuverable.


  • Its short length makes it easy to maneuver
  • Provides dry storage
  • Designed with adjustable foot braces
  • The seat is comfortable
  • Has plenty of storage


  • The kayak is slow as compared to other 10 feet models

Things To Consider When Buying ​ Best Fishing Kayak For Big Guys

Most kayaks are not designed to accommodate heavyweight because they can easily sink of flip. This is why it is important to look for a quality fishing kayak if you are a big guy. The following are some important considerations that you should check.

Weight Capacity

This is one of the most important considerations that you should check when you are buying a kayak for big guys. Kayaks are designed differently and each model can accommodate a specific weight limit. You need to buy a kayak that can accommodate your weight.

Make sure you check whether it has ample space where you can sit and feel comfortable. The kayak should also have ample leg room to keep your feet comfortable.

Type Of Kayak

What type of kayak do you want? There are two types of kayaks that you can choose. These include a sit-in and a sit on top kayak. Sit in kayaks are great because they are comfortable even when you are paddling for many hours and they also have more storage. On the other hand, a sit on top kayak gives you the opportunity to stand and they are also stable.


How much do you want to spend on a kayak? Depending on your budget, you can pick the right kayak that suits your needs. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced paddler, there is always something for you.

Planning To Carry Someone?

Another thing that you should check when buying a fishing kayak for big guys is whether you want to carry another person. If so, you might consider purchasing a tandem kayak. A tandem kayak looks like a normal kayak but it is bigger and designed to hold more load. Because of their size, these kayaks are less maneuverable on the water.

Final Words

Kayaking is one of the best outdoor activities that you can engage in for fun as well as health benefits. If you are a big guy, you need to pay attention to the type of kayak that you buy so that you can end up with a comfortable model that will accommodate your weight.

Remember if you choose the wrong kayak that doesn’t support your weight, you might ruin your fishing experience.

I have reviewed the best fishing kayak for big guys so that it will be easy for you to make an informed decision. Each of these kayaks is different and designed to meet the needs of big paddlers. Compare them and look for the best model that meets your budget and has all the features that you want.

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