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Is kayaking your favorite leisure activity? Are you looking for the best kayaking equipment and information? If you are, then you will have to subscribe to the best kayak magazine. In this article we shall review some popular kayak magazines that have all the reliable information on everything about kayaking.

Top 10 ​Best ​Kayak ​Magazine Lists in 2021

best kayak magazine

Below you will be able to find the best kayak magazine that will cover the sport you are more interested in. whether it is whitewater rafting, kayaking, kayak fishing, sea paddling, kayak touring, lake kayaking among other sports, you will find a magazine that is specially dedicated to you.

Canoe kayak

Canoe and kayak magazine is the world’s number 1 paddle sports magazine for canoeing, whitewater rafting and kayaking. Each publication only features the latest stories, videos, techniques, photos, destination reviews and so much more.

You will find paddling techniques from the best canoeists plus reviews from experts on camping as well as paddle gear. All these will inspire you to get into the water more frequently. It is published quarterly and you can subscribe it for a little fee.

The New Zealand ​Kayak ​Magazine

Are you a recreational sea kayaker, paddler, and whitewater paddler? Or are you into multisport?  If you are, then the New Zealand kayak magazine is what you need. This kayak magazine publishes some of the best kayaking tips, kayaking adventures and paddling destinations.

You will also find the best kayaks recommended by experts, gear, health as well as first aid information. Once you subscribe you will also get access to past issues and articles categorized according to subject.

Kayak Session

Kayak session is the way to go if you are a big fan of whitewater kayaking. This publication is the best in the world and it is also known as the national geographic of whitewater kayaking. It publishes top of the art photos accompanied by creative layout and great content from some of the best writers.

Paddling Mag

Paddling Mag kayaking magazine covers canoeing, kayaking, whitewater rafting and paddle boarding. This magazine is packed with destination ideas, paddling news, buying guides from experts and interesting adventure stories. The kayak magazine allows you to choose your preferred subscription.

You will get print and digital issues once you subscribe plus you will get free access to the paddling app as well as the desktop editions.

Paddle World

Are you looking for a kayaking fishing magazine? Well, you will find everything you need to know about kayak fishing from the paddle world magazine. This magazine is dedicated to providing information on sea kayaking, lake touring, family paddling, paddle sports, recreational paddling kayak fishing and beginner kayak and paddling techniques.

It features high quality photos, great lay out and the best articles. It is the perfect magazine for paddlers anywhere in the world.

Adventure Kayak Magazine

Adventure kayak comes as a digital and print magazine to its subscribers. It is dedicated to touring kayakers, lake water kayakers as well as sea kayakers.

The magazine is informative, smart and it features some action packed editorials and kayaking lifestyles with a mix of some compelling adventure stories. It is among the top kayak magazine you will find out there.

Ocean Paddler

Ocean paddler magazine is dedicated to ocean paddlers and it is published 6 times in a year. It is packed with technique articles, buying and adventure guides, expedition reports, interviews from ocean paddler experts and a whole lot more.

This sea kayak magazine covers all of the different elements of sea kayaking for beginners, intermediates and professionals. The magazine guarantees information that will enthuse and excite any sea paddler.

Kayak ​Angler

Kayak angler is among the best kayak angling magazines with all the information you may need on kayaking. This magazine is published 4 times in a year and it features the best guides and outfitter kayaking. It has the best kayaking destinations and you will also learn some rigging, electronic and paddling tips. On top of that, the magazine is equipped with a Buzzbait section where you will find the best fish stories in the year, top trends and also the biggest tournament news.


Next is the widerMag kayaking magazine. If you want to find some of the best sporting gear, destinations, adventure stories, guides and a lot more, you will find that in this magazine. It also covers others sports aside from kayaking like running.

CKM magazine

Canoe kayak magazine also known as CKM is a French kayaking magazine. It features some of the best kayaking techniques, adventure stories, expert guides, adventure trips and destinations among others. The magazine is in French and you will be glad to know that it has been around since 1970.

It has great photography with a great lay out. The articles in this magazine are well thought of they are written by kayak experts.

Frequently Asked Questions

a) What Is The Top Selling Kayak Magazine?

From our research we found that canoe and kayak magazine is by far the top selling kayak magazine. It covers everything about kayaking from different angles and you can get to subscribe to it at a low fee. There are also other top selling magazines that you can find in our list above.

​b) What Is The Most Popular Kayak Magazine In The USA?

The most popular kayak magazine is in the USA is canoe and kayak magazine. Other popular kayak magazines in the USA include paddle world magazine and kayak session magazine.


The best kayak magazine list we have discussed above features only the best magazines that are dedicated to kayaking. Our top pick is the canoe and kayak magazine which leads the list however depending on what you are more into, you will be able to find a magazine that specializes in your sport.

Whether you are into kayak fishing, whitewater rafting, paddling, sea kayaking and multisport, you will find a magazine that you can follow that will provide you with the information you need. Subscribe now to preferred magazine and enjoy the benefits. We wish you safe kayaking and have fun while you are at it.

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