The Ultimate Guide to Kayaking in Phoenix

Kayaking is the use of kayaks to travel across the waters. It is similar to using a boat or a canoe only that in kayaks, one paddles the double-bladed paddles while sitting. On the other hand, boats are sailed using oars or motors for motorboats.

Phoenix has a desert type of climate, and this means that the rainfall received is minimal. If you are considering kayaking in phoenix, here are some recommended places.

Top Places For Kayaking In Phoenix

kayaking in phoenix

Kayaking in Seasonal Rivers

The rivers in Phoenix depend on the molten snow and rainfall for their waters to flow. This ensures that there is plenty of water throughout the year, regardless of the season. Being a semi-arid area means that these rivers receive a lot of sunlight ant this makes it good for kayaking.

Lower Salt River

You can kayak the Salt River on all seasons. This is because the temperatures around remain moderate during winter. During summer, the temperatures increase.

During winter you can kayak to view the wildlife along the areas as it is a scenic view you should not miss. Since it is very hot in summer, you can kayak to swim. This will cool your body and freshen up. It is friendly to learners as they can also get to know kayak self-rescue techniques.

Colorado River

Sections separate this river, and thus you need to be cautious. Make sure the section you choose for kayaking suits your knowledge for paddling the kayak. Ensure you master all the kayak safety tips when leaving for kayaking. This is because there are some remote areas you may come across, and in any case, anything unexpected happens you can deal with it.

Kayaking in Valley Lakes

Along the valley lakes, there are bays and attractive harbors that make it easier for the kayakers to rent kayaks and go on with their businesses.

If you don’t want to rent a kayak, you can purchase yours around these valley lakes. There are some retailers for kayaks along. A good example is that of Roosevelt lake.

Lake Canyon is also a kayaking place that you can find adventure. It has eye-catching red rock canyon walls that are covered by the coves.

Other recreational activities that you can carry out in lake Canyon include site seeing. Several sites include Acacia Picnic Site, Parlo Verde recreation site, and Boulder Creek recreation site.

Kayaking in Mountain Lakes

For your kayaking activities to be enjoyable in Phoenix, choose to do it in a big lake. The lake needs to be free from heavy vessels and machinery, and thus, there should be boats, either electric or motorized. There are some campsites along the lakes that are managed by the forest service in the United States.

Competition between large boats and kayaks should not be there. If there is, it should be minimal. The biggest lake is raised up to nine thousand feet in the white mountains. Freshwater fish (trout) are the most common type of fish in the lake.

Another example is Lake Pleasant. Just like the name suggests, it’s a pleasant place to be while kayaking. Lake Pleasant is located in the Northern Phoenix.

Some lakes like the Blue Ridge Reservoir do not allow motorized water vessels. This means that you will have plenty of time for kayaking since there will be no traffic. You will get to see everything and concentrate on what you are doing. It is the best place for beginners to learn how to kayak.

Knoll lake is also a mountain lake.  This lake’s unique feature is that it is located in a secluded place that is a forest. The area has its original purity, thus making its view eye-catching. There is a special type of pine tree that is called ponderosa pine. It provides a scenic environment during kayaking.

Recreational Areas

Some of the recreational areas include Lake Mead National Recreational Area and Glen Canyon National Recreational Area.

Kayaking services are free even if it’s a launch. There are narrow sheltered bays along popularly known as coves that are adventurous and fun to spend time kayaking.


Kayaking involves sightseeing and having fun in general. You need to have the skills required in kayaking before you head out for the sport. You also need to master kayaking safety tips to save yourself in case you land in danger. Choose the above places for kayaking in Phoenix, and it will not disappoint you.

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