What To Wear When Kayaking?

Kayaking is a fun outdoor activity that provides a wide range of benefits. It is excellent for exercise, beautiful views, and mediation, among others. So are you wondering what to wear when kayaking? Several things will determine the type of outfit you pick for kayaking. However, you have to consider comfort and safety when selecting any kayaking gear.

Additionally, you need smart, versatile, and durable kayaking clothes. You should also consider clothes suitable for various weather conditions. I will take you through outfits that you can wear during hot and cold weather. Read on for more details.

Outfits to Wear When Kayaking in Cold Weather

You need the right clothes that will protect you from cold weather to enjoy your kayaking experience. There are a lot of clothes that you can choose. Some of them include the following.

what to wear when kayaking


You can find wetsuit in different thickness that decides how quickly the water will warm and its flexibility. The thicker the wetsuits, the more it holds heat and less flexibility of movement. So, in cold weather, wear the thicker wetsuits to protect you from the cold. It’s advisable to wear other layers on top of the wetsuit to keep you warm rather than dressing under the wetsuits.


A drysuit is an outerwear outfit that provides warmth in cold weather. The interesting feature of drysuit is entirely waterproof. Also, it’s more comfortable even in the very coldest temperature you fill warm.


It works well to prevent your face/head from getting cold. They come in different varieties, and they should cover the whole head and face.

Gloves and footwear

The hands and the foot play a very crucial role when out there kayaking. Therefore, do not expose them to the harsh cold weather. So wear gloves and footwear to your hand and feet, respectively. The long-lasting, warm, and waterproofs are preferable to the others.

Outfit to Dress When Kayaking in Warm Weather

The same way you dress for cold weather conditions, you need a proper outfit for warm weather. Unlike the cold weather, choosing an outfit for warm weather is easier and simpler. Where you need to be cautious about is keeping your body hydrated, stay cool, and protect you from direct sunlight.  The following are some proper wear when kayaking in warm weather.


For the sunlight, you can wear long-sleeved sun-proof cloth since your sun exposure is high. Ensure that your cloth is not cotton made as cotton tends to absorb and retain more moisture. Nylon is a better material designed to dry quickly, moisture-wicking, and lastly, it has anti-microbial features that prevent you from smelling after a long sweaty day.


Sunglasses are essential because the beam off the water can be blinding, so the sunglasses will protect your eyes from direct sunlight.  Remember that using the polarized sunglasses prevents water reflection that will irritate the eye cause snow blindness.

Wearing Hat

Too much exposure to your face and body to the sun will cause sunburn, skin related problems, and skin cancer. So, wearing a wide-brimmed hat provides solid protection for your head, face, and shoulders from the sun.


Sunscreen is essential if you are kayaking on hot and sunny days. It is highly effective since it absorbs the UV rays before they penetrate your skin. You should apply sunscreen on the parts of your body that are exposed to the sun. This will prevent you from getting sunburns.

NB: always stay hydrated, drink, and carry extra healthy drink when you are kayaking. It will prevent thirsty, dry mouth, headache, and dizziness. As kayaking is a form of outdoor activity or exercise, it engages you physically and mentally. STAY HYDRATED!


Kayaking an enjoyable activity if you know what to wear when kayaking. When kayaking in different weather condition, you should wear a proper outfit to keep yourself safe and comfortable. Make sure you select comfortable and protective clothing depending on the current weather. If you are a beginner, always use a life jacket, know how to rescue yourself, or be with your instructor. With the right outfit, enjoy kayaking!

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