Old Town Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak Review

Old Town Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak Review

Are you looking for an excellent recreational kayak? If you are then you are in the right place our Old Town vapor 10 angler review will help ease your search. This kayak has got some incredible features that anyone that is into kayaking wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Recreational kayaks are usually designed to be used in slow, calm or even protected Waters. Such kayaks are ideal for paddlers with different kayaking experience including those who are just starting out. Although recreational kayaks are made to serve the same purpose you will find that some are more superior to others.

The Old Town vapor 10 angler stands out in this category of kayaks and below you will find out why. Below you’ll get to understand its features along with the benefits that you will get from it and by the time you’re done you might just find out that is the best option for your needs.

Old Town Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak Review

Who Is This Kayak Designed For?

Old Town vapor 10 angler is a kayak that comes from the old town brand. This brand has been around for decades and it is safe to say that it has earned its reputation over the years. This kayak was designed with Anglers in mind and it was made especially for those that fall under the following categories.

Old Town vapor 10 angler is specially made for kayak anglers that are in need of a durable compact and a budget-friendly kayak. It is not very costly although it is the best you’ll find in its category.

Another group of people that are best fit for this kayak are those that are new to kayaking. Anyone with no experience in need of an excellent kayak that is easy to use will find one in this unit.

Also if you are in need of a kayak that is great value for your money then investing in this one will be an excellent choice. It is solid and its durability guarantees more years of service although you don’t have to spend much just to own it.

Old Town Vapor 10 Recreational Kayak Features

Vapor 10 angler stands out due to the fact that it is packed with numerous features that are highly beneficial to angler kayakers. Below are these features and how they will benefit you should you choose to invest in it.


The durability of this kayak stands out and it guarantees a longer lifespan for the unit. Old Town vapor 10 is designed with heavy duty linear polythene material. This material is resilient and it is hard to breech through. The kayak also has a skid plate which is made to ensure that it doesn’t get any dents on the inside and the outside especially when you are dragging it on dry land. This construction ensures that your cock is always in One Piece. The overall construction of the boat guarantees that the user can always manuever it through any obstacles and still live without a scratch.

Spacious Cockpit

The problem with most kayaks is the fact that the cockpit is not spacious enough. Most kayaks have a cockpit which makes the user confined inside due to the tight space. Well, with this model, you will not have to be facing that problem anymore. Vapor 10 angler is equipped with a spacious cockpit that will not make you feel confined inside the boat.

The cockpit is open and whether you are fishing for longer periods you won’t get affected mentally as the case with tight cockpits. It is not claustrophobic and it is also an excellent choice if you are looking to battle with those huge fish. You will also have enough space to place the fish you catch without being squeezed inside.

Portability And Lightweight

Old Town vapor 10 recreational kayak comes weighing only 44 pounds/ 19.96 kgs. Its weight is easy to carry by an average person when setting it up near the water. You can easily move it from your car to the water without getting exhausted or fatigue.

On top of that the boat comes with carry handles to help make transportation easier. The handles are located on either sides making it easy to carry by two people or alone.

Adjustable Comfortable Seat

The Vapor 10 as we mentioned before comes from a reputable brand which has been around for decades. This brand only creates the best designs that will offer comfort and Performance to its users. With that said old town knows how important it is to be comfortable on your fishing trips.

That is why they designed the Vapor 10 angler with a comfortable adjustable flex seat which you can adjust to fit your desired comfort. That’s not all the kayak also has thigh pads which will ensure that you are comfortable as you sit for long periods in the boat.

Load Capacity

While it only weighs 44 lbs this kayak also comes with a decent load capacity of 325 pounds. It has dimensions of 15 x 28.5 x 120 inches. Regardless of your weight as long as it doesn’t go beyond 325 pounds you can be able to use this kayak.

The 325 pounds maximum load capacity is decent enough for you as well as some additional Gear that you would like to go with on your fishing trip. You can also be able to place the fish that you catch including those bigger ones with no worries of sinking.


We all get that feeling of being taken over by the water whenever we are kayaking. However this usually happens if the KAYAK you are using is not stable enough to withstand the water that you are on. Vapour 10 angler will have your back when it comes to stability because it was built to be extremely stable when on water.

When we talk of stability, we simply mean the total control you will have over your boat when it is on water. This model is extremely stable on water regardless of the additional Gear that you may be carrying or your weight. It is designed to offer the user control over it at all times.


Most kayaks are specially designed to be used in specific water conditions. Most of them are not ideal to be used in some conditions because they will fail to perform accordingly. Old Town vapour 10 is an exception. This model is made to perform well in different water conditions without disappointing.

Aside from that it can also be used by recreational paddlers, anglers and even sports personnel. Regardless of what you want to use this kayak for it will surely perform accordingly.


The Vapour 10 angler may not be equipped with the storage capacity like that of a long touring kayak, but it is still equipped with a decent storage space thanks to its compact design. This kayak has a bungee rigging which you can use to keep some extra items.

Furthermore it has to flush rod holders, a paddle holder as well as a cup holder. Keep your fishing rods, paddle as well as a beverage close by whenever you go fishing in this boat. All in all you can customize the storage space to store any additional Gear.


Another excellent feature of this kayak is its Price Tag. If you are looking for a compact and good quality kayak that will not cost you much then this model may be what you need. It has everything you will need in a recreational kayak and more while it will come at the right price .

Although it is affordable, you will not have to feel small when you are on this boat. It is by far a great investment that will perform even better than those price recreational kayaks that you may find on the market.

Maneuverability And Extra Features

With its compact size this kayak was made to be easily maneuvered while on water. The short-hull makes it possible to move the boat on water and also on dry land. The skid plate will allow you to drag it along rocks or other objects that may damage it without leaving a scratch.

Also the glide track foot brace system is made to offer you a stable and efficient ride while kayaking with this boat. You will have better leverage as well as control with the Vapour 10 angler. This will give you greater water performance unlike what you will get from other recreational kayaks in the same category.


  • The kayak is extremely stable on water
  • You will get excellent water- performance
  • It comes with enough storage space with holders for different Gear
  • The seat is adjustable to offer you maximum comfort
  • You will get thigh pads as well as a footrest for extra comfort
  • It comes with a durable construction
  • It is lightweight and portable with carry handles
  • This kayak is also versatile
  • Comes with a decent maximum load capacity of 325 pounds
  • The spacious cockpit makes you less confined in the boat
  • It comes at an affordable price


  • This kayak lacks speed
  • You will have to buy a paddle separately from the kayak
  • Old Town vapor 10 angler lacks when it comes to proper tracking

Frequently Asked Questions

1.How best can I store my old town vapor 10 angler kayak?

The best way you can store this kayak is by placing it on its sides or standing on one end if possible. If you are to store it outside, endeavour to cover the cockpit to eliminate any chances of water getting inside. You can also opt to store it facing upside down by placing it on slings so that the decks do not get distorted.

Again if you choose to store it outside make sure that you tie it down so that it is not blown by the wind. If you are using a tarp to cover the boat when it is outside, make sure that you properly suspended above the boat. This is because when you place it directly on the boat the heat from the sun too much and it might end up damaging or discoloring the Hull.

2.Will the length of my kayak affect its stability?

No, it will not. It is the weed that will affect the stability as it’s more directly related to it than the length of the kayak. You should know that a wider kayak will be slower but very stable and given that the Old Town vapor 10 angler is wider expect to get greater stability.

This type of kayak is also most suitable for fishermen as well as photographers. However if you want to go longer distances with more efficiency as well as speed, then the length of the KAYAK should be considered.

3.What are some of the alternatives to the old town Vapor 10 angler kayak?

Well, there are a number of alternatives that you can go for in case the vapour 10 angler kayak doesn’t work for you. You can choose from the following. Sun dolphin excursion 10 retails a little less than the vapor 10, it is wider and it is 8 pounds lighter than the vapor 10.

There is also the Old Town vapour 12 which is 2 feet longer giving it more speed and storage. The cockpit is also slightly larger than that of the Vapor 10. Also, you can try the Old Town vapour 10 XT which comes with some additional features which will improve on your paddling fishing trips.

4.How can I clean my old Town vapour 10 angler?

You can clean your kayak by washing it with mild soap and water on the exterior. To beautify the exterior we highly recommend a vinyl protectant product. This is because these products are safe for use on the polyethylene material used to make the vapor 10 angler. Don’t wax your exterior Hull with paste wax as it will damage it and dry to form a white color.

When cleaning the interior, use mild soap and water and then dry afterwards. Do not use any other products on the interior as it may leave the floor slippery which may cause accidents.

5.When buying a paddle for my vapour 10 angler, how can I choose the right one?

Choosing a paddle for your kayak will depend on the width of your boat. You should also consider the paddle’s torso length and the paddling Style that you are more familiar with. If you are tall, have a wider kayak do you have a more relaxed style of paddling, then you can go for a longer paddle.

On the other hand if you are short in height, have a narrow kayak and paddle vertically then it is best to go for a shorter paddle. The other issues the build of the Paddle will depend on your personal interest or preference.

6.It possible to get new decals for my old town vapor 10 boat?

Yes, you can. If you are looking for new decals for your old town vapor kayak, you can get them easily. The first thing you need to do is to check with your local dealer and see if they have the Decals that you need. If you do not get help from them you can contact customer care to give you more information on the decals that are available.

7.Is it possible to transport my kayak using a scupper style cart?

No it is not. Technically you can transport the KAYAK using this type of cart however, it may cause hull damage well as wear at some points. The best way to transport your kayak as recommended by old town is by using the Cradle style and other strap style kayak carts.


As we wrap up, you can now see that the Old Town Vapour 10 angler review shares a compact and lightweight boat that you can use during any given season. With Its compact size, you do not have to have a very large storage area and you do not need a number of people to have it transported to another location. You can simply do this on your own.

If you are claustrophobic you do not have to worry about being confined in a tight space thanks to it’s spacious and open cockpit. This kayak is stable, durable, and to top it all it is affordable. Vapor 10 angler will offer you with great water performance and in the long run you’ll always get efficient rides.

While you may find other alternatives for this boat, most of them will not offer you with list features that this unit has. It is safe to say that it is great value for your money all you have to do is try it today. Remember to enjoy your fishing trips and share this amazing kayak with your fellow kayakers.


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