How To Launch A Kayak Without Getting Wet?

Kayaking is a safe and adventurous sport that most people love to do. But what kayakers don’t like about it is getting wet when it comes to launching the kayaks.

So if you want to go kayaking but are worried about getting wet, then this is important for you to know how to launch a kayak without getting wet.

Here in this guide, we will share some techniques with you along with some tips to not get wet while launching your kayak.

So, let’s begin!

The Techniques To Launch A Kayak Without Getting Wet

how to launch a kayak without getting wet

If you want to launch your kayak without getting wet, you need to follow some techniques. These techniques will help you out not to get wet.

Besides, it will also make you skilled to launch the kayak, whatever the condition is. So, here are the techniques that you need to know for launching your kayak safely with ease.

1.Launching The Kayak From A Dock

Launching the kayak from a dock is completely different than launching it from the river, lake, shoreline, or beach. Kayak launching from the dock will prevent getting wet.

So, you can easily launch your kayak while keeping yourself dry. Moreover, this launching process is quite easy and simpler than launching from other locations.

Yet, while launching, first wear your life jacket, make your kayak ready to board, and try to sit comfortably on the dock, attach the spray skirt, hold the paddle and finally push the kayak gently away from the dock.

2.Launching The Kayak With An EZ Kayak Launcher

Launching the kayak with an EZ kayak launcher is the most effective way to prevent you from getting wet.

The EZ kayak launcher helps you to launch your kayak perfectly. Besides, it provides you utmost security while launching it. So, you don’t have to worry about getting wet.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced kayaker; you will just love its dock design.

This launcher has integrated paddle notches that make your kayak launching easier as well as safer. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about sudden tipping over your kayak and ultimately getting wet.

Furthermore, whatever the water level of your lake, this EZ kayak launcher dock is completely safe and secure for you.

This dock is lightweight but more stable. So, while launching, you can easily use this floating launcher dock.

3.Launching The Kayak In Parallel With The Shore

Another effective technique to launch the kayak without getting wet is launching it in parallel with the shore. But this technique has different launching systems for sit-in types of kayak and sit-on-top types of kayak.

4.Launching Sit-In Kayak

In this system, you have to place your kayak in parallel with the shore at first. And, your kayak will be much more unstable in this condition. So, you have to put the kayak paddle at its stern site.

The large part of the paddle will be towards the ground and will touch it. And the other small part will be in the kayak to make it stable to get in.

You have to move the front part of the body towards the kayak with both hands behind your back. After that, put all your weight on the kayak to make it stable so it won’t tip over accidentally.

You need to shift your body weight to the center of the kayak so you can easily get in. Here, once you get in the kayak, slide your feet into the position, plop down, and by then shift back your weight on the kayak. And, now, launching your kayak is done without getting you wet.

5.Lunching Sit-On-Top Kayak

Like the previous system, you also need to place your kayak in parallel with the shore. But, there is a risk in the process: the chance of your falling or tipping over the kayak. Thus, you need to get the kayak as close to the shore to get rid of this problem.

After that, try to step your feet just right in the middle of the kayak and then sit down. It’s quite easy than launching sit-in-kayak.

However, you are done with launching it into the water. And, the interesting thing is that you didn’t get wet while launching.

Some Important Tips For Launching A Kayak Without Getting Wet

  • Try to launch the kayak by understanding the water condition. If the water is in calm condition and the sky is clear, then launch your kayak. It will keep you dry.
  • Another important tip is to launch your kayak gently. If you rush to enter the kayak and launch it, you are likely to get wet.
  • To keep you dry, launch it from dry land like a sandy beach. Here, you need to push your kayak until the kayak’s bow is floating on the water.
  • Try to use gloves, kayak spray skirts, water-resistant and cold weather apparel, dry suits, etc. They will help you not get wet while launching the kayak and also during paddling.
  • Use a longer paddle instead of a short one. It will save you from getting wet while paddling into the water. Not only that, but this long paddle also helps you to stable your kayak while launching it.

Final Verdict

So, we are done with it. Hopefully, we provided all the information you need to know about how to launch a kayak without getting wet.

Now, it’s your turn to follow those techniques and the tips, if you think these will help you avoid getting wet!

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