Are Inflatable Kayaks Safe? Important Issue For Riding

What is the first thing comes to our mind when thinking about Inflatable Kayaks? Most of us think that inflatable kayaks are weaker than actual kayaks as these are much lighter. So what’s the truth?

So, we make it more questionable by thinking about its safety to take it out on the water. Apart from what we think, inflatable kayaks are amazingly durable. Their built quality is strong enough to bear threatening circumstances.

It can be taken from flat water to rivers or even on the marine with no fear. They are well designed and fit for beginners to advanced paddlers. They are more stable than they may feel.

Still having fears about these? Let us solve all your doubtful concerns about its power, trustworthiness, or safety.

Are inflatable Kayaks safe

Are Inflatable Kayaks Safe For Traveling? – With Pro Guideline

Generally, inflatable kayaks are made with –

  • Synthetic Rubber: that can protect from grazing and weathering.
  • Nylon or Polyester Weaved Fabric: that provides flexible strength and stability
  • Inner Neoprene Fabric Without Air Bubbles: that provides airtightness


The main reason why someone should go for an inflatable kayak over a traditional kayak is its low cost. Higher quality ones can be bought for about $200.

Then comes the storing method- after an inflatable kayak gets deflated, it can be stored in a tiny place like into a backpack, so it’s very convenient.

Their super compact designs are also very perfect for easy transportation. And it is so lightweight that it can be carried very comfortably.

Also, it became super inflatable and responsive in the water. The only problem with these kinds of kayaks is that it requires washing, drying, and packing after using.

Secondly, sometimes they become a little tough to crosswinds as they are so lightweight.


Modern watercraft, which are inflatable, are made with durable materials. Such materials can ensure their strength and water resistance.

These kayaks are mostly durable, but sharp objects on water beds can be risky, and extreme UV rays need to be a matter of concern.

Stability And Inflexibility While Inflated

Opposing to what we assume, inflatables are neither soft nor light once inflated. Dual stitching, solid nylon and rubber, and super quality valves make them able to inflate on high pressure easily.

The tube wall design of inflatable kayaks also transforms them into extremely stable. These are generally wider, which gives a little center of gravity. Their total body is even against the water body increases stability.

Increased Buoyancy

Buoyancy regulates the amount of weight a boat can load before it begins to sink. And it is a major concern for all the water vehicles. High buoyancy is vital to general protection.

Because it keeps the vehicle flooded below weightier loads and helps keep us dry and higher than the water surface.

Inflatable kayaks are generally more afloat than a regular kayak for the inflatable tubes near the boat’s perimeter allocating the load through the entire space, thus increasing the general buoyancy.


Getting a puncture while miles away from banks is a great fear for paddlers.

But modern inflatable kayaks developed with a multi-chamber design help the inner chambers stay inflated while there is a tear to the outside. The kayak will be active with the single chamber.

Thus there will be enough time to go back to the bank safely. A puncture can be easily fixed, and these kayaks always come with a patch.

Safety Precautions

It is a matter of common sense that we must carry puncture repair kits, pumps while kayaking. And inflatable kayaks should not be taken in thin water levels with rocks underneath or in stormy weather.

Also, it requires regular maintenance, checkup. These will ensure an inflatable kayak’s legibility and safety.

There are a lot of people who feel excited to explore by paddling. But thinking about dealing with heavy lifting or packing of a hardshell kayak makes them feel distressed.

So for those people, inflatable kayaks are like a seamless suit. Though these kayaks are amazing, there are some misrepresentations of proper information. So let’s clear the misconceptions.


1. From Where To Buy One Inflatable Kayak?

Online purchase is super convenient nowadays, but there is no way to try before buying with an online purchase. But there are lots of videos and reviews on the internet about these kayaks are available.

So it’s effortless to know about these with some study from the internet. After gathering adequate information, it will be good to order it from a renowned company that guarantees.

Some companies allow the opportunity to return products with a full refund if the purchase feels unsatisfying. So offer like this are very convenient.

2. Are They Dog-Friendly?

It’s very common and visible that dogs are sitting on inflatable kayaks and roaming around with their owners. And it’s suitable to bring dogs while kayaking.

Because inflatable kayaks are strong, stable, and comfortable enough for that kind of activity. Most dogs enjoy kayaking with owners. But there are some critical precautions for dog’s safety, so it is better to maintain those.

3. Are They Too Heavy?

Weight differs by materials and sizes, but inflatable kayaks are amazingly very easy to carry. The lightest kayaks are around 15-18 Ibs.

They are suitable for backpacking, but they can be blown up by air if the weight is too light. So it needs to be kept in mind while carrying.

4. How Long It Takes To Inflate Them?

It is straightforward to inflate these kayaks with the hand or foot pump which they come with. The time of inflating them depends on how long they are.

Apart from hand or foot pumps, they can be inflated with an electric pump as well. We just need to be careful not to over-inflate.

5. How To Care For An Inflatable Kayak?

Proper taking care of these kayaks makes them long-lasting. It is crucial to make them completely dry after every use.

After drying, the kayak needs to be stored in a cool and dry space. And it is a matter of concern that these kayaks should not be dragged on rocks.

Though these kayaks are solid and durable but dragging in rocks can cause scraped it. Keeping inflatable kayaks in an extreme temperature is not a good idea.

The air pressure in the kayak can increase or decrease upon the outside temperate, so it is crucial to beware when we are out all day in hot weather.

Final Words

So from the above discussion, it can be said that undoubtedly they are very suitable to use. And very safe as well if they are monitoring appropriately.

These boats are long-lasting, durable, strong, and easy to use. They provide almost all facilities like a hardshell kayak. Besides, they are stable and more floatable comparing to traditional watercraft.

Moreover, it’s also easy to store, so it’s a good choice for beginners to advanced-level paddlers.

So, those people who are thinking of an option with affordability, lightweight, and easy transportability should go for inflatable kayaks without any doubt.

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