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Best Kayak Helmet in 2020 – (Review & Guide)

Spending time on the water is fun. Just hitting that water at neck breaking speeds, going through falls, going through rapids and creaking gives you unforgettable experiences.

However, the more exciting the sport is, the more danger it poses to you. You might be at risk of hitting a rock and other hard surfaces. To prevent this from happening, a Kayak helmet gives you the perfect head protection.

If you are wondering how you will get the best kayak helmet that fits you well and offers you with comfort, I'm here to help you make the right decision.

I have reviewed some of the most outstanding kayak helmets ( e.g whitewater kayaking helmet) that you can get on the market today.

Best Kayak Helmet Reviews in 2019

After considering some of the top factors you should look out for when finding the best helmet, here are five of what we think are the best kayak helmets around, reviewed in an in-depth manner to give you all you need to know.

This helmet brings to you some of the best features possible in a helmet, and you are likely to love the helmet. That's we've reviewed it here. We consider it among the best, here is an insight.Your helmet has to offer you comfort otherwise you will want it out of your head as soon as you get it on, or even eventually.

Especially if you will be using your helmet for extended periods, then you need something comfortable. That's why this helmet is made with super comfortable sweat saver halo water liner that is conveniently constructed with three foam layers wrapped in plush fabric.

Hygiene can never be over emphasized and when riding it is obvious that one will sweat and the brow and other parts of the head will soak in it. The helmet needs to be able to have a way of taking care of this and making it easy to clean.

This helmet has exactly that. With the removable sweat saver, the rider can remove the sweat saver and clean it every few days or after every few uses.

The outer shell of your helmet if not hard enough cannot perform its functions effectively. The main function of the helmet is to protect you, and if it is not hard enough, then it will not be able to do that. This helmet has a high-density ABS outer shell.

The headliner of your helmet needs to be a good one as well to be able to offer you maximum comfort. This helmet is made with dual density closed cell EVA foam headliner.


  • Super comfortable
  • Removable sweat saver
  • Tough outer shell
  • Dual density headliner


  • May not fit all shapes of heads perfectly

This helmet takes into consideration matters of sturdiness and comfort. Safety which is the top job of a helmet is the biggest doing of this helmet.

The outer shell as seen above cannot be ignored because it is the thing between your head and a rock or any other hard surface during an impact.

This is the reason the Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet is made with a thin outer shell that is made using ABS. This makes the helmet not just durable but also strong and tough enough to take any impact.

Ventilation is an important package in ensuring comfort and safety. You can imagine a helmet that holds tight and stiff then doesn't have any ventilation to let air in or out of the helmet, super uncomfortable. The Bern Unlimited Watts EPS Summer Helmet is well ventilated to make sure you are comfortable and safe.

Ease of operation is an added advantage for any helmet. This helmet is made with a simple button on the back that eases tightening and loosening of the helmet straps.

A helmet that meets safety certification is something you should look at. If certification is assured, then you have no worries about its ability to keep you safe.


  • Well ventilated
  • Tough outer shell
  • Ease of operation
  • Meets safety standards


  • Doesn't come with earpieces that keep ears warm

​The Pro Tech helmet finds itself in the top five because of its careful attention to protection against impact, hygiene matters, and comfort that the helmet offers.

The shell of this helmet is tough to take the shock of any impacts it experiences. The outer has high density, and on the inside, it has a 2 stage foam liner that protects against low impacts.​

The helmet also comes conveniently with a plush moisture wicking liner and fabric prevents dripping sweat, allowing the user to remain dry and comfortable.

The vents in a helmet are meant to ensure air flows freely in and out of the helmet giving you comfort, and this helmet is equipped with 1 of these so that you enjoy these to the fullest.

The weight of the helmet has a lot to determine regarding comfort. This helmet is lightweight, comfortable and boasts versatility which not many helmets have.


  • Sweat saver
  • Enough ventilation
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight


  • Complaints of warnings that the helmet offers minimal protection

​Boasting style, comfort, and durability this helmet finds itself on the top five quite easily.

At very exorbitant prices is the place where you expect to get the best quality things but not this. Even with the superior comfort it offers, the price for this helmet is super affordable.​

The shell of your helmet has to be one that is tough to take the impact, and the NRS Chaos Side Cut Helmet is made with a durable plastic shell that guarantees not only strength but longevity as well.

Comfort has to be a basic factor for every helmet that wants to find itself at the top. This helmet is made with dual density foam that offers the user added comfort on the road.


  • Style and comfort
  • Affordable price
  • Durable
  • Dual density foam for added comfort


  • This helmet is rated five stars out of five. Any cons if there we didn't find them.

The actual things you would expect of a good ranking kayak helmet are found in this helmet. And those features are listed below.

The shell of the helmet is high impact meaning it can take the shock of a good impact and remain intact and functioning well. You don't need to worry about safety.

The ears during a ride can suffer damage if not well taken care of. The ear guards of this helmet have water channels and padding to prevent ear drum damage. They are also removable to ease cleaning and hygiene maintenance.

This helmet was made with comfort and safety squarely in mind. The full surround ‘headlock' interior fit of the helmet supports the back of the head for maximum comfort and safety.

The vents in a helmet ensure a free flow of air in and out of the helmet giving the wearer a comfortable experience. This helmet comes with 15 vents which are great to keep ventilation at a maximum.


  • High impact shell
  • Removable ear guards
  • Full surround headlock
  • Well ventilated


  • Complaints of the ear piece not stopping water from getting into the ears

Things to Consider When Buying A Kayak Helmet

When shopping for a kayak helmet, it is good to recognize that not just any helmet is a good helmet and as such you need to know what makes up a good helmet to be able to get it. Below are five things you should consider.


When out in the water there's a lot of concentration that goes into navigation and balance, speed and strength and so anything that causes you the slightest discomfort can be a huge distraction.

Your helmet needs to be comfortable making you feel nice when wearing it and not straining or struggling to have it on. The inside of the helmet should take the shape of your head nicely and give you needed comfort.


Fit is very important in a helmet and has a big bearing on retention in a helmet. Fit says that your helmet should stay perfectly on your head not squeezing too tight neither being so loose. It should be just right so that it can perform its functions perfectly as it is supposed to.

The helmet should fit snugly and still not come off when not intended to. It should stay in place even when you shake your head front to back and up down.


It can be annoying when the one thing you need in a desperate situation is not there. For your helmet not to have the perfect retention means it may come off from your head anytime especially when you need it the most to protect you.

The helmet has to remain on your head because this is the only way it is going to keep you safe when out kayaking. If this is not taken care of well then that helmet is not worth buying.

Strength and Durability

To be guaranteed protection and security from your helmet, it needs to be able to handle the hits, scratches and abuse it might be exposed to out in the water. For this, it has to be strong and tough on the outside to be able to deal with these issues. It has to be able to take on all serious situations and protect the wearer.

The vents in a helmet ensure a free flow of air in and out of the helmet giving the wearer a comfortable experience. This helmet comes with 15 vents which are great to keep ventilation at a maximum.

Drainage, Ventilation, and Design

Since the helmet will be coming into contact with a lot of water, then a drainage system needs to be in place to let water flow out. As well you need your helmet to be well ventilated as you don't want a helmet that doesn't let air in or out, that cuts out comfort.

The design is a personal preference, and everyone should get one that fits them and that they feel good and appeals to them. Therefore check the color and design to your liking.

Final Verdict

If you are getting a helmet, it is important to get the top kayak helmet otherwise, you will be wasting your time, and you will be back shopping for another one pretty soon.

This article gives you an in-depth look into the matters concerning helmets, what you need to consider and a look into the best kayak helmets.

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