Best Kayak Cart in 2023 – [Guide & Reviews]

Are you know which is best kayak cart? And how important is it? Regardless of your kayaking skills, you will benefit from the use of the best inflatable kayak cart. Your life will be easier when you can easily and quickly pull your hard-shell kayak to and from the shore.

Your risks for injuries, such as strains and sprains, can also be reduced since you’re not lifting and carrying your heavy kayak.

Just as careful consideration is a must in choosing the best inflatable kayak, you must also consider several factors in choosing your kayak cart.

You Have To Consider The:

  • Tire material and size, which are influenced by the type of environment where it will be used and size of the kayak for mounting on it. Choices include plastic, pneumatic, foam-filled, and balloon tire carts.
  • Style of the cart, which includes end, strapped, and plug-in carts. You may also send your questions about the pros and cons of each type to yours truly.

best kayak cart

Kayak Cart​ Comparison Table

Top 5 Best Kayak Cart in 20​22

These kayak carts come highly recommended because of their numerous benefits, a few of the karts of which I have personally tested. These carts were designed and constructed with durable materials, practical features, and ease of use in mind.

1. TMS Cart-Canoe/Kayak-KY001 Boat Kayak Canoe Tote Trolley

The TMS Cart-Canoe is an easy-to-assemble, easy-to-use canoe cart, thus, its recommendation as the best inflatable kayak cart. You only need to attach the wheels to the frame, which will take 10 minutes or so, after opening its package.

You can then roll it to the kayak and place the watercraft on top for easy transport anywhere, either using your bicycle or car.

The cart has a 150-pound capacity, which should be more than sufficient for even the largest inflatable kayak or canoe with its cargo on board.

The kayak’s hull should be positioned in the cart’s V-shaped cradle, which has 3.5-inch foam bumpers to protect the inflatable kayak’s surface. The cradle arms will not open too wide because of the 13-inch nylon strap connecting them.

Your kayak should be in good hands, so to speak, thanks to the cart’s solid metal frame, a combination of anodized stainless steel and aluminum pipe.

You can also rely on the durability of the overall frame, thanks to the quality chrome lynch pin and stainless steel fasteners.

You can quickly load an empty kayak on it by using the double-leg kickstand. The support stand, which has a spring-loaded mechanism, aids in keeping the dolly cart stable while loading the kayak out of water.

The large pneumatic tires can smoothly roll across most surfaces, such as sand and gravel, a must since shores can be sandy or rocky. But you shouldn’t use the cart on highways for safety reasons. You can also fold the cart for convenient transport and storage.


  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Compact and portable
  • Movable even on rough terrain
  • Strong enough to handle even the largest inflatable kayak
  • Guarantees stability when loading and offloading the kayak


  • The smell of the tires is terrible
  • The straps don’t seem to secure tightly

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2. Shoreline Marine Propel Aluminum Canoe & Kayak Cart Review

This makes moving a fully inflated kayak or a hard-shell kayak a one-man job, instead of the two persons necessary to transport it from your home to the shore.

You can use Shoreline Marine Propel Aluminum Canoe & Kayak Cart on virtually all surfaces including sandy shores, rocky

trails, and smooth asphalt with little to no worries about the cart giving out. You must, however, inflate the tires after assembly; these aren’t inflated when it comes in the package. The collapsible cart can be stored in your car’s trunk or in your garage without taking up too much space.

You can even place the collapsed cart on top of your kayak! The wheels, which have bearings for added durability, can be quickly collapsed for a more compact configuration using the quick release pins.

Your kayak can be safely secured in the cart’s V-shaped frame, too. Be sure to use the two adjustable straps to ensure that your kayak will not slip and slide out of the frame even in rough road conditions.

You should also check that the kayak keeps to the cart’s 200-pound weight limit for this reason. While the cart appears to work best with nearly-flat bottom boats, you can still place other types of boats on it.

You may have to adjust the placement of the kayak, for example, such as laying it slightly on its side to fit into the frame.


  • It is portable
  • Can be used on all terrains
  • Secures your kayak safely
  • The wheels are collapsible
  • Compact enough to fit in a trunk


  • The tires don’t

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3. Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart Review

This has several smart features that make Suspenz Smart Airless DLX a great kayak cart. The sturdy powder-coated aluminum frame can carry as much as 150 pounds of weight, such as your fully-loaded kayak or canoe.

The stainless steel hardware adds to its durability, a great feature since the cart can be exposed to the elements.

When folded down, you can easily place it in the corner of your garage near your deflated inflatable kayak, or inside its mesh platform bag, or on top of your kayak.

When assembled to its full height, your kayak can be secured on its frame with the sturdy straps and buckles strapping it down in place. You don’t have to tie down your kayak with other straps and ropes since the restraint system will suffice for standard-sized kayaks.

Once your kayak is strapped in place, you can pull the cart over virtually any surface with ease. Sandy beaches, rocky shores, and smooth asphalt, even muddy ground, can be tackled by the cart, thanks to its 10-inch tires.

You don’t have to worry about the tires going flat when exposed to sharp rocks, among other puncture sources, since these are plastic airless tires.

The kayak’s hull can also be protected from dents, dings and scratches during storage and transport while on the cart, too. You can thank the manufacturer for installing rubber bumpers on the frame.

You can rely on the cart’s stability when loading and unloading your kayak because of the dual-arm kickstand. The arched axle provides better ground clearance when the cart’s on the move.


  • Portable
  • Foldable
  • Secures tightly
  • Can be used on any surface
  • Can withstand any harsh elements
  • It is stable when offloading and loading


  • Slightly costly

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4. Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart

This is a universal frame boat cart, which means that it can accommodate both canoes and kayaks on its frame.

You can use Malone Clipper Deluxe Kayak Cart either in your garage for storing your kayak or on site just before pushing off toward the water.

You may also fold it so that it can also be stored in a cupboard or placed on top of your kayak for use at your next destination. The anodized aluminum frame has high corrosion resistance, too.

You can place a wet kayak on its frame without worrying about rust setting in within days of exposure although you should wipe it down every now and then. Your kayak’s hull can be protected from accidental damage when it makes contact with the frame, thanks to its oversized padding.

Loading and unloading your kayak should be easy, too, because of the cart’s relatively low height. You should check that the locking kick stand is in its proper position for keeping the cart steady during the loading and unloading process.

You may also want to ask for assistance in case of a heavy kayak to reduce the risks of damages to its hull as well as injuries to your body.

The airless 10-inch tires will not go flat, a blessing when you have to pull the kayak over rocky ground. Many kayaking locations have plenty of puncture sources, such as broken glass, sharp rocks, and protruding branches, which will reduce the functionality of a kayak cart. But this isn’t so with the Malone Clipper.


  • Foldable
  • Puncture resistant
  • Resistant to corrosion
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Easy to offload and load a kayak


  • Loading and offloading a heavy kayak is challenging

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5. Boat Kayak Canoe Carrier Dolly Transport Cart Wheel

This cart may be little but it packs on useful features that make it the best inflatable kayak cart in my opinion.

You will find that there’s no assembly required although you may want to check the tires’ secure attachment, especially check the chrome cotter pins.

You can test the Canoe Carrier Dolly Transport Cart Wheel on smooth surfaces, such as your driveway, to determine whether the tires are properly installed.

Once you are assured of its proper placement, you have the assurance that the cart will withstand regular use on rougher conditions, such as on sand and gravel.

Be sure to place your kayak securely on top of the frame. You should then strap it to the cart using the straps in preparation for transport, which can be through motor, manual, or pedal power.

You may also strap in your kayak to prevent it from being blown over by the wind or snatched by wild animals. Your kayak’s hull has the protection of oversized foam bumpers on each arm of the V-shaped cradle.

But this feature isn’t a license to place your kayak willy-nilly – you should still be careful during the process, perhaps ask for assistance in case of a fully-loaded kayak. Be sure to check the proper placement of the spring-loaded stand when loading and unloading, too.

You may notice strong smells coming from the tires but wash them with water and soap to remove it.


  • Rust resistant
  • Comes assembled
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Can be used on any surface
  • Can be collapsed for storage
  • The wheels are tubeless hence no flat tires


  • When new the tires are smelly

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Things To Consider When Buying An ​Best Kayak Cart

The following are important factors you should keep in mind when buying an inflatable kayak.

Your Kayak’s Weight​

Kayak carts come in different sizes and their ability to handle a kayak differs as well. So when selecting a cart ensures that you have assessed the weight of the kayak it will carry. You do not want to overpower your cart rendering it useless.

The Type Of Kayak Cart

There are several types on the market to choose from; a Plug in, End carts and the Strapped carts. Each functions differently and makes it ideal for different types of kayaks. For instance, the plug in is ideal for sit-on-top kayaks while End carts are not ideal for large bulky kayaks. However, the strapped kayaks are the most commonly used.

The Cart Wheel

Some carts have wider wheels whereas others have narrow wheels. The wider wheels are great for rough terrains. The narrow wheels are ideal for smooth surfaces like pavements.

Also, some wheels come inflatable and are ideal for sandy surfaces.

The best wheels are the ones that never go flat. With these, you don’t have to worry about punctures in the middle of your journey.

Foldability And Portability

You don’t have to create a large space for a cart, just go for ones that can be easily de-assembled and folded for storage. This is also ideal for when traveling and you have to carry your cart along with your kayak. It should be able to fit in your car’s trunk.


Durability is determined by the material used. Go for ones made of aluminum as they are corrosion resistant. Salty water promotes rust making your cart less durable.

Final Verdict

Which one is truly the best kayak carts? Every single cart on my list can be your perfect kayak cart because your choice will depend on your unique needs and wants.

You may want, for example, the Suspenz Smart Airless DLX Cart over the Malone Clipper Deluxe Universal Kayak Cart because of its overall style.

For my part, I suggest buying one or two of these carts – if you have several kayaks in use – so that you can keep your boats in better condition for several years.

You don’t want to keep dragging your inflatable kayaks on rough ground, not only because it will speed up their wear and tear. You also want to reduce your risks for physical injuries and mental aggravation from the manual task.

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