5 Types Of Surf Fishing Kayak With Pros & Cons

Do you want to go fishing but thinking of a good kayak to help you out? Then there is no match for surf fishing kayaks. Many get confused, thinking it’s something like a fishing boat.

But no, though the purpose of using these two water vehicles is the same yet, there are differences between them—surf fishing kayak is more than a fishing boat.

It’s much speedy, stable, safe, wide, simple to use, and gives you the best service through the fishing journey. If your budget is good enough and you think you can hauling around the surf fishing kayak, this vehicle is the right choice.

Wait! It’s not all; you are yet to know detailed information about surf fishing kayaks to get the whole concept. So, let’s spare a few moments and read this guide to know about surf fishing kayaks and end all your queries.

Surf Fishing Kayak

What Is A Surf Fishing Kayak?

A surf fishing kayak is a water vehicle used for fishing which is mostly sit-on-top models. It can provide you a more stable base to stand on for Fishing.

Surf fishing kayaks have a hollow hull, a big hole for sitting in the deck that helps you sit tight in the kayaks and reduce the risk of falling on water.

These are longer, almost 12 feet, and this feature makes it keep the right balance on water also perfect for paddling and tracking easily.

A surf fishing kayak costs good money. However, it provides the best service that can satisfy you totally and make your money valued.

Types Of Surf Fishing Kayak – [5 Types]

You can find a lot of varieties in the surf fishing kayak, but here we would share the five most popular surf fishing kayaks;

Sit-On-Top Surf Fishing Kayaks

This type of surf fishing kayaks has a seat set up over the hull. The hull’s top part is made solid enough with little holes designed so that it can drain the water away from your Kayak through holes.

It is more suitable for anglers who look for fishes focusing everywhere in the water.

Tandem Surf Fishing Kayaks

Tandem Surf Fishing Kayaks are also called double kayaks. It is available for sit-on-top or sit-on-top doubles having overlapping footwells.

These overlapping foot wells give two of its users the advantage of using the boat together at the same time.

When you have a tandem surf fishing kayak, you can take one of your friends to make the Fishing more exciting.

Bass Surf Fishing Kayaks

Bass surf fishing kayaks are not much different than the usual sit-on-top or tandem or sit-in surf fishing kayaks.

But you get cool designed ones which will lead you to gain the perfect bass fishing experience. They are mostly narrow hence become speedy.

Fly Surf Fishing Kayaks

Fly Surf fishing kayaks are specially made for fly fishing. It can help self-drain, and most of it involves paddling. You can buy sit-on-top, sit-in, or tandem fly surf fishing kayaks.

Inflatable Surf Fishing Kayaks

Lastly, this popular surf fishing kayak is a favorite to many anglers because it’s more affordable.

It is cheaper, yet it is created using materials of high quality and premium construction. It’s very much durable and can last for over 15 years if taken care of.

Why Should You Buy A Surf Fishing Kayak For Fishing?

It’s a necessity for you to know the worth of a surf fishing kayak. People have two options: a fishing boat and the second is a surf fishing kayak.

While a surf fishing kayak costs more than a fishing boat, why will you still choose the Surf Fishing Kayak? The answer is easy; not everyone is okay with paddling boats.

If you think that paddling a boat all the time through water is not your type of job, you should buy a surf kayak. Also, boats are much narrow than kayaks, and you can’t sit tight.

Hence if you want to stick to your surf fishing kayak and do Fishing with ease, then the surf fishing kayak is the right choice. The last reason for picking surf fishing kayak is water. A kayak is more stable than a boat on the water.

Therefore, our suggestion is to get yourself a surf fishing kayak and not a fishing boat if you want to enjoy Fishing.

Although you need to make a good budget, investing your money in a surf fishing kayak will benefit you because it lasts a long time.

What Components Make A Surf Fishing Kayak?

Some common features are used to make a surf fishing kayak. The followings are the components;

  • “Sit-on-Top’ design
  • Premium quality padding for your ease to stand on
  • One or two rudders for controlling the system
  • Rear storage well
  • Flush mount for holding rods
  • Bow hatch with a hard shell
  • Dry cockpit cover and hatch storage
  • Scupper holes
  • Cup holders
  • The paddle that has bungee ties
  • Seating that has a backrest and can be adjusted
  • Carry handles
  • Drain plug

Pros And Cons Of A Surf Fishing Kayak

Now that you have known a lot about surf fishing kayaks, it’s better to check their pros and cons. Below are the pros and cons of a surf fishing kayak;


  • Portable – You can take your surf fishing kayak by putting it on top of the car, inside the truck bed
  • Affordable – It costs more than a fishing boat but is not overpriced
  • Easy – You don’t need to run a trillion motor by yourself, and that’s why you should be able to do Fishing correctly


  • Slow – The surf fishing kayak runs fine if you don’t run it to the other side of the lake. It slows down when you try to do so.
  • Limited Space – you must prioritize the gear because the Space is limited

How To Launch A Surf Fishing Kayak?

Set Up

Lie your surf fishing kayak boat deep enough in the water to make it float but not much deep that you fail to touch the bottom with your feet.

Be Square

Make the bow line up in a way that it is square. By doing this, your surf fishing kayak will survive the shore break and incoming waves.

Use The Right Time For The Departure

Use your lower legs for steading surf fishing kayak. Wait sometimes until a break comes between waves. First, sit and then lift one leg right into the cockpit and use the other leg to slide.

When you get into your surf fishing kayak, use paddles to continue going ahead by paddling.

Take one little tip, “do not hurry; put your feet into the water slowly while pushing the surf fishing kayak for keeping a balance between you two and waves.”


1.Is Surf Fishing Kayak Worth It?

Surf fishing kayak is worth it. Because you get a lot of benefits using a surf fishing kayak.

The benefits include long length, stability on the water, ease to paddle, take less effort launch, and land lasts a long period and can easily be taken everywhere with the car.

2.Which One Is Better Surf Kayak?

The answer differs. Some people prefer sit-in surf kayaks, and some prefer sit-on-top.

People who are very careful and don’t want to fall into the water by accident, like sit-in surf kayaks. But this type of surf fishing kayaks will not be a good option to catch fishes by standing.

On the other hand, people who don’t want to miss a single chance of catching a fish and look everywhere deep into the water, like sit-on surf kayaks. You can do movements easily on such surf fishing kayaks.

3.Can You Fish From A Normal Surf Fishing Kayak?

Yes, you can go Fishing from your regular surf kayak. But it’s better to get a surf kayak specially made for Fishing because ordinary kayaks don’t have the extra parts and accessories that surf Fishing kayaks have.


We hope you got all the answers you were having in your mind about the surf fishing kayak. You can now think and understand whether you should buy a surf fishing kayak for great Fishing.

Usually, people think that catching fishes from a surf fishing kayak is dangerous, but the truth is it’s way safer to use than a fishing boat.

It floats perfectly on the water and doesn’t let you fall from it even if you catch fishes standing. It’s expensive compared to a boat but affordable compared to the services it provides.

Take another tip from us to keep your surf fishing kayak look new for a longer period; keep replacing old parts with new ones and clean it often.

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