Kayak Surfing River – [Top 5 River For Kayak Surfing]

Do you want to go on the kayak surfing river? You better get every knowledge of it because this has a lot to be learned.

Kayak surfing the river is almost the same as surfboarding or whitewater kayaking but on the river. Usually, people like to surf kayaks in oceans, but you can surf on the river to have almost the same kind of thrillers and enjoyment.

Though if you want to surf kayaks only to enjoy it as a sport, you can’t surf kayaks on every river because it requires rivers that have heavy waves.

There is more to know in detail; therefore, stick to this guide if you plan to go on the kayak surfing river very recently and know what, where, and how to kayak the surfing river.

Is Kayak Surfing River Possible?

Kayak Surfing River

As mentioned before, you can do kayak surfing the river, and it’s getting popular day by day as a thrilling sport. To get the perfect surfing feeling, you need to surf your kayak on the rivers with waves.

The available two kinds of river waves are standing waves and tidal bore. The rivers with tidal bores can provide the surfers continuous waves. A flood surge upstream is created when a spring tidal and sudden narrowing push a big river mouth.

This kind of wave is found in one of the most famous rivers Severn, Gloucester, UK. Over a hundred surfers travel to the Severn, Gloucester river for taking part in the riding to dream of setting new world records of the longest ride every spring.

You can take your kayak and surf this river. We are sure this kayak surfing river experience will be the best memory in your life.

What Type Of Kayak Surfing River Can You Do?

The kind of kayak surfing you can do on the river is flatwater kayaking and whitewater kayaking.

If you already have the experience of doing whitewater kayaking, you should know about the river’s dangers and how river waves, river currents, and eddylines usually work.

The only way to surf your kayak on flat water is to keep your boat flat. But that’s too boring. Therefore, to gain a real adventurous experience on a kayak surfing river, whitewater kayaking would be the best.

White water requires you to lean or to edge your kayak. Practice more because you must have the ability to control your kayak when it is starting to tip. That will help you and make your stay in currents.

One big tip for you to do Whitewater kayaking is “learn swimming to safeguard yourself from drowning in the river because the heavy waves might fall you down on the water.”

Learn the white water reading basics along with the education of keeping yourself safe on the river. Start the kayak surfing river from grades 1-2. It’s the easiest and made for beginners.

In this grade, you will be taught to read currents. Once you have successfully passed the grade 1-2, go to the next grade and finish them all by one.

The Common Mistakes We Do Before Starting Kayak Surfing River

Starting Kayak Surfing River

Alright, most people make a mistake commonly. They skip the simplest white water levels. Skipping this will make your kayak surfing rather boring. Skipping the easy levels will lack the later enjoyments.

Another mistake often people make is choosing the wrong kayak. If the kayak’s volume and weight are appropriate to each other, it will make your kayak surfing difficult even on the river. Therefore, pick the right kayak, and you will see things are going much easier.

Top 5 Rivers For Kayak Surfing

If you like to surf on flat water, you have plenty of rivers to surf on, but if you want a little rough and adventurous, you need to choose the river from the world’s top 5 rivers kayak surfing. The 5 top river list is as follows;

1.The French Alps

The French Alps

The French Alps made its place on the list of top 5 rivers because from beginner levels to pro levels, and anyone can do kayaking here.

To enjoy an intermediate or advanced trip, no other river can beat this place. It’s the perfect river for warming-up before taking the real challenging waters from the Swiss, Italian Alps, and Austrian.



Soča River in Slovenia is claimed to be the clearest water in the world. It’s the right river if you are thinking of practicing good workouts through kayaking.

Though you will find only one river to paddle there that’s too beautiful, you will love enjoying kayak surfing on this river.

The Soča River is considered the club trip destination because it has varieties of different sections in difficulties.



If you search a river for surfing kayaks with wonderful waves, huge rapids, and large water, you should head to the Ottawa River in Canada. Here is found the world’s safest yet ample water.

The river has two different channels, which offer the kayakers a range of rapids that suits all the kayakers. To face the big waves, you better go when the snowmelt.

4.New Zealand

New Zealand

No matter you are searching the river for grade 5+ kayaking or grade 2, you can find them in New Zealand. The tree-lines surround rivers cutting in the North Island.

You will find the perfect rainforest feel there. About the South Island, it has amazing kayaking runs valley after valley. The rolling hills and Alpine mountains will blow your mind away.



Norway has got the famous rivers for their technical drops and big water. Even a tough place for elite class kayakers.

Its stunning fjords and fantastic coastal area make it the only x grade (over 6 grade) river holder country. If you don’t read the guide books carefully to choose the right runs, you might not survive the rapids and drops there.


These are all you must know for kayak surfing the river. Hopefully, now you can prepare yourself for the next cool kayak surfing river journey.

If this is going to be your first time, suggest you first practice some days. Before we close, take one more good tip from us; depending on your grade, choose the kayak for a safe ride on the river water.

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