What Is An Electric Surfboard And Things To Consider For Buying One?

The popularity of surfing has been increasing day by day. As a result, now everyone is trying to get the test of surfing. And who won’t? It is fun, easy, and enjoyable. Destinations like Hawaii, Africa, California, Australia, and South Africa are perfect for perfect waves. There you can have ideal surfing.

But the truth is, not everyone lives near these places, and not everyone has the money or wish to go there since not everyone is professional. An electric surfboard can be the best solution here.  With the help of an electric surfboard, anyone can enjoy the fun of surfing even there are not enough waves in the sea. We all know the wave is not something in our hands.

Do you know what the electric surfboard is and what are things you should consider while buying an electric surfboard? If not, then this is the article for you. Keep reading, and you will get your answer.

electric surfboard

So, What Is An Electric Surfboard?

Actually, it is a kind of surfboard. These are buoyant board. But unlike the real or traditional surfboard, these depend on the engine and the battery. The engine, with the help of the battery, allows the board to move across the water. Even if the water is stagnant, that means, no matter there is a wave or not, you can enjoy surfing.

​What Are the Things you Should Consider to Buy An Electric Surfboard?

A lot of companies are now making electric surfboards. But not all are good for you, and not all can deliver you the same performance. And since you are not an expert, the chances are high that you will end up buying an electric surfboard that cannot give you the fun you are looking for. That is why you need to consider something while buying the best electric surfboard. Here are the things.

Board type

There are three types of the board actually. A general electric surfboard is one of these. And it looks like a traditional surfboard. However, it is the most powerful and speedy one. Another type is the Electric stand-up paddleboard. It is similar to the previous one, but this one is not that powerful.

And the last one is the Hydrofoil surfboards. It looks like a standard one, but it comes with an additional hydrofoil elevating surface. This life you one foot above from water when you get the board into the water. Now you need to choose any of these based on your need. As a beginner, the first one might be better for you.

The construction

Also, you need to check the construction of the board as well. This is the main important factor. The board is made of two parts. The body and battery slot. You can fold the board when not in use. So check the body and battery slot. Also, check the deck as well. Make sure the deck is not plain. Otherwise, as a beginner, you cannot balance yourself or get a good grip and enjoy the fun of surfing. But in the long run, this rough surface will make it difficult for you to last an extended time.


Speed is also essential. Electric surfboard comes with speed from 30kmh to 50kmh. The difference is enormous. As a result, you need to choose the speed based on demand. But as a beginner, you should not go for the highest speed. Instead, choose the one with medium speed.


​The electric surfboard comes with removable and non-removable fins. The fins help you get a good balance on the water and improve the speed. That is why you need to choose an electric surfboard with good fins.


​The thickness has a good relationship with stability, buoyant, and balance. When you have more foam on the board, you will get more security and buoyant. As a result, you should check the thickness of the board. But for you, it is not possible to choose the right thickness. It will better if you take help from an expert in this matter.

Weight and length

​The weight and length depend on your size, weight, and controlling. If you are tall enough, then you should go for a longboard and vice versa. If you are wider, then you should choose the wide one for sure. And the board weight varies from 10kg to 40kg. You know the best what you can control better. So choose wisely.


​You cannot ignore the shape as well. The e-surfboard comes with the rectangle and oval shape. You can choose either of these. This factor affects your easiness of control the board and also the performance. So do not ignore it as well.


​The battery is the thing that determines how long you can surf. That is why you need to check the battery power for sure. Some of the best electric surfboards come with 45 minutes or higher battery life. The more the lifetime, the better. So go for the highest one.


You do not have an unlimited budget, right? The price varies from $700 to $20000. And of course, the $700 one will not be like $20000 for sure. The more the price, undoubtedly, the better. So have a good budget and go for the best one. You can enjoy the full fun then.


And lastly, check the warranty as well. As a beginner, buying the wrong one or defected one is common. If you purchase an electric surfboard with a warranty, you can easily replace the board after finding out the problem it has. It will enable you to get the best electric surfboard.


Now you know what the electric surfboard is and what the things are that you should know before buying one. I hope after reading this article, you will be able to buy the perfect one for you. You know, a good electric surfboard can change your experience of surfing. On the other hand, the wrong electric surfboard can make your surfing worse. So be wise and make sure you have followed my instructions to choose the best one. Enjoy surfing.

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