Fishing For Perch Worldwide Using Fishing Lures

Perch are a common fish throughout most countries, while many varieties exist throughout the world, the most common are the European Redifn Perch and the Yellow Perch found throughout the USA and Canada.

These fish are also introduced to many other western countries in other parts of the world, one example is Australia where Redfin Perch lure fishing is extremely common, even though they are an introduced species.

The great thing about these two types of perch is that they are highly responsive to any kinds of movement in the water, and they will favor lure movement more than scent and visual appearance. This makes them ideal to catch on the lowest cost fishing lures available.

When fishing for perch the most common lures to use are Spin lures, sometimes called spoon lures or blade lures, however the type I am talking about here is the kind which has a spinner at the top shaped somewhat like a spoon head, attached to a central rod where at the end a treble hook is placed.

fishing for perch

These lures are often very cheap, and come in many different types, some even have a small bell shaped item on the inside, which helps to create more noise in the water and distribute the water vibrations more easily.

Spin lures are ideal because they are low cost, don’t require much skill to use, and are often heavy enough to get a good cast where ever you are fishing. If you are fishing in long weed beds, the good thing is these lures can have the hooks removed fairly easily by someone with a bit of patience and some pliers, and a single regular fishing hook added to avoid weeds more easily.

Aside from spin lures, the next best thing for perch fishing is the hard body diving lure. These lures are shaped like actual fish and sometimes decorated like real fish too, but in our experience color doesn’t really matter to perch, although we have a lot of success on yellow lures. They will often take anything you can get past them, so choose a variety of lures with different depths.

Perch usually hide in and around weed beds, and often only travel in open water in schools (groups), hence the best place to catch them is often in these areas.

Third best fishing lures to catch perch on are soft plastic lures, grub style lures are the best, these have a body shaped like a fat worm, and a thin circular tail which streams along behind the lure when fished. The benefit of soft plastics is you can use weedless jig heads to really get into the weed beds completely and fish out some hiding perch ready to strike.

When you are ready to go perch fishing, they can be found throughout most areas of europe where winters are cooler than 10 degrees Celsius, warmer areas they do not survive well so the coast of the Mediterranean is not a good place to catch them, further north is best. The same rule goes for yellow perch in the USA.

When lure fishing in Australia redfin perch can be caught all year round, as the climate is fairly stable in most areas, however they are not found in central Australia. They are most abundant in Victoria, New South Wales and Southern Queensland.

We hope this article helps you out with some genuine beginner’s advice so you can begin researching fishing lures and hopefully land yourself some perch. They are a great fish to catch, taste great if you decide to bring them home, and can be caught on the cheapest lures available.

Happy Fishing.

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