Best Inflatable Kayak For Ocean in 2018 – Guide & Reviews

Fortunately, the inflatable boat is so easy to paddle and so forgiving of its passengers, even of the ones still wet behind the ears.

The open sea has its own challenges, many of which are tough to handle even for experienced kayakers, which demand a stronger, sturdier and more stable inflatable kayak than that required in mild lakes, bays, and rivers.

Choosing the best inflatable kayak for ocean trips can mean the difference between your enjoyment of the entire adventure and your disappointment in it.

You should be able to quickly learn the paddling basics on calmer waters before plunging into the more rugged environment of the seas.

You must also understand the capabilities and limitations of your inflatable ocean kayak usually by practicing on it in shallow waters before paddling farther into deeper waters.

Best Inflatable Kayak For Ocean Reviews

We sifted through the clutter of consumer reviews and marketing hype to determine the best inflatable kayak for ocean trips. We highly recommend these products based on our personal experiences – we actually tested them – and on customer reviews.

Wave 6 Ft. Youth Kayak is especially made for children as young as five years old.

You, the responsible adult in the group, should have no cause for concern provided that the kids are wearing their life vests and informed about basic kayaking safety.

You may also want to paddle alongside them, such as in Sea Eagle 420X. Kids love getting into the kayak, thanks to its easy climb-on feature on the rear deck, and paddling in shallow water while parents love its kid-friendly safety features.

The kayak is made from a durable vinyl material built in a softly contoured design without protruding hardware, which can otherwise cause harm to children.

The passengers can either paddle or idle on the water while holding on to the molded finger handles on the sides for added balance.

Children find it easy to maneuver, too. The twin fins in the kayak contribute to better surf riding and tracking (i.e., staying on a straight line), as well as turning, which many youth kayaks aren’t equipped with.

You can teach the kids effective methods in paddling, such as using the foot wells for greater leverage.

But there’s no backrest for the seats, a minor disadvantage considering the multiple footrest positions to accommodate different sizes of passengers.

This should only be used on ponds and lakes during good weather conditions to keep the kids as safe as possible.

The Saturn 13 ft Pro Angler Inflatable Fishing Kayak is a great solution for avid anglers who want the durability of a hard-shell kayak on water with the convenience of rolling up a deflated inflatable kayak.

You will love the portability of the inflatable kayak, especially for camping, touring or fishing weekend jaunts, in contrast with the burden of carrying a heavy hard-shell kayak.

The similar durability with a hard-shell kayak comes from its heavy-duty Dtex PVC material used on high-end Saturn inflatable rafts and boats.

The kayak’s air floor and tube tops even have a double PVC layer for the prevention of accidental fishing hooks punctures.

You have the assurance of the material’s high resistance against puncture from sharp objects as well as wear and tear from ultraviolet rays and water friction.

The floor becomes extremely rigid when the kayak is fully inflated, which aids in maintaining strength and stability when it’s on the water.

Such a rigid floor with high buoyancy tubes makes it so stable you can even stand up while on it! Plus, this high-pressure air deck is so easy to roll up for carrying in a bag when it’s fully deflated, too.

You shouldn’t have any problem carrying it once fully deflated, even with little to no assistance. You will love the ample storage space provided by the two removable aluminum benches.

You can use them to mount various kayaking gear, such as fish finders, rod holders, GPS unit, dive flags, anchor mounts, and video cameras. Your oars can also be secured by the Velcro straps when these aren’t in use.

This is such a tough inflatable kayak that it can actually accommodate up to three adults with a maximum weight limit of 855 pounds.

You can use it on the calm waters of lakes, bays and estuaries as well as on rough areas, such as Class IV rapids, wild rivers, and remote streams where the fishing opportunities are better.

You have a versatile kayak with good returns on your investment, especially when you can spend time with your family and catch large fish.

The Sea Eagle’s excellent durability is due to its 1,000-denier, polyester-supported, high-pressure fabric, which has been torture tested with claw bars and screwdrivers, among other sharp objects. The electronic-welded seams add to its rough-and-tough surface.

You cannot easily puncture the kayak’s tough material with fishing hooks, knives, and screwdrivers even if you tried several times!

You can be sure that it will survive multiple times of dragging across the ground, over the dock, and into shorelines filled with protruding roots and branches. Just don’t abuse it too much since it’s still not of the same material as hard-shell kayaks.

You can use the Se Eagle for both dry and wet kayaking conditions. This is because of the easily convertible drains – open the drains for the kayak to go into self-draining mode in ocean and whitewater conditions, close the drains to use the kayak in calmer waters.

You will even be impressed by the fact that it stays afloat even when its gunwales are filled with water, a feature found in many a best inflatable kayak for ocean trips.

Other notable features are the integrated spray skirts at the bow and stern; rope lacing for tie-down points and secure handholds; and kayak seats. Accessories include a foot pump, two double-ended paddles, and patch repair kit.

The Saturn 12 ft is a worthwhile investment in a water vessel because you can get two products for the price of one! First, it’s an inflatable sit-on-top kayak complete with D-rings on both sides and kayak seats. Second, it’s an SUP paddle board with the removal of the seat.

You can easily make the conversion from kayak to SUP paddle board and vice versa with just a few easy steps. Your paddling through water in either form becomes a joy, thanks to its sleek and streamlined design from bow to stern.

You can even use the SUP paddleboard as your equipment for water-based workouts, specifically surfing – just attach a surf leash to the D-ring at the rear. Your paddle board becomes a kayak by attaching the kayak seat to the D-rings along the side.

Such versatility is complemented by its durability. The thick PVC fabric on the kayak’s side and the double-thick PVC on its top and bottom make it a strong and sturdy vessel.

You can even test its ruggedness by using it for hours at a time several times during kayaking season – and bring a friend with you on the trips.

Choose from the blue or red colors, both of which are easily visible on the water. Accessories include SUP hand pump with pressure gauge, repair kit, and backpack carry bag. You have to buy the SUP paddles separately.

This is also a versatile inflatable kayak because its rugged design allows for use in a wide range of conditions. You can use it for kayaking, fishing, and sailing in calm waters and open seas, all with the assurance of consistent performance. You can use it for kayaking, fishing, and sailing in calm waters and open seas, all with the assurance of consistent performance.

Your enjoyable experience while on Sea Eagle 435 is attributed to the combo of the two inflatable tubes, which smoothly cut through the water, and a rigid frame from the three aluminum yokes.

The result: A solid and stable inflatable boat that provides a well-balanced experience on the water. You may also enhance your boating experience by adding an electric motor to the kayak; the electric motor can be purchased separately.

You will love the faster speed, which can take you to more remote areas where the fish are likely located.

The PaddleSki can accommodate two adults with a weight limit of 650 pounds. The strong and sturdy quality comes from its 1,000-denier fabric tubes, which are joined together via extra-thick overlapping seams. You can be assured that it can withstand rugged use in almost any condition.

Other features include two skegs for better directional stability, two carrying handles at the rear and a handle at the bow, and six D-rings for securing the inflatable seats.

Final Verdict

Buy one of these products and you can call yourself the proud owner of a best inflatable kayak for ocean adventures.

Of course, you will have your opinion about one kayak being better than the other four boats but regardless of your choice, you’re making a worthwhile investment.

Your choice will likely boil down to your available budget since these inflatable kayaks range in price from mid-range to high-end. You must consider the features and functions including the overall dimensions, cargo space, and accessories in your decision.

You should always consider the durability of the materials and its construction, its ease of setting up and storing in a bag, and its suitability for rugged use.

When you have carefully considered all of these factors, you will agree with our observations that any one of these products can be your best inflatable kayak for ocean jaunts!

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