Best Kayak Paddle For The Money – Guide & Reviews For 2018

When it comes to kayaking, it is of importance that you have the right paddle with you. Paddles are responsible for mobility, and this makes it easier for you to transverse to other areas during your kayaking adventure.

​There are different types of paddles in the current market and getting that unique kayak paddle might be a daunting experience.

With new technological innovations been made daily, it is wise that you surround yourself with devices that are striving towards a technological goal in service delivery.

Once you have picked the best kayak, the best big thing that you need to do is to look for a paddle. It is very crucial that you pick a paddle that is well-balanced so that you can feel comfortable whether using your kayak on the lake or white water. Here are some tips that will help you get the best kayak paddle.

Paddle length

Kayak paddles vary in length to suit different users. Their height may range from 210 cm to 260 cm length. When you are picking the right length, it is great if you consider your paddling style, boat width and your height. If you are a low-angle angler, a paddle with slim blades and slightly longer will be great. On the other hand, if you are a high-angle paddler, you will be fighting with moving water so acceleration and maneuverability are very crucial. The blade should be therefore shorter and broader.

Paddle Construction material

You should also know that kayak paddles are designed from different materials. Some of the most common materials that you will find include:

  • Fiberglass- If you want a paddle for touring and recreational use, one with fiberglass construction is the best. This is because they are lightweight and very durable.
  • Nylon/ aluminium/ plastic- The paddles are affordable and they do not need any maintenance. These are perfect paddles for beginners and recreational kayakers.
  • Carbon fibre- This is a high-performance paddle that is lightweight and costs more as compared to other paddles.


Shafts can either be round or oval. If you want to get a comfortable grip, you can choose an oval shaft.

Most kayak paddles are designed with straight shafts but you can also get others with bent-shafts that keep your handles very comfortable when you are paddling. Others have two-piece shafts that break down for simple storage.

If you have an inflatable kayak, you can also go for 4-piece shafts that break down more for simple storage. For women or people with smaller hands, you can get a small diameter paddle.


Weight/Shipping Weight


Carlisle Day Tripper Aluminium

37 oz


2.75 pounds

Seattle Sports 060295 SeaWhisper

2.8 pounds

Curved Kayak Paddle


Leader Marine Aluminum


Shoreline Marine Propel Motion

Very light weight

Carlisle Magic Plus

1.6 pounds

SeaSense 8690 X-1 Unified Marine

2.5 pounds

Lifetime Kayak Youth

2.8 pounds

SeaSense X-Treme II

3.8 pounds

Best Kayak Paddle Reviews 2017

I have taken upon myself to review some of the best performing paddles that are in the market. Read more to find all the details that you would love to know about the products.

After selecting a range of potentially best-camping toilets and taking them through some testing for features authentication, I came up with a list of the best-recommended camping toilets.

After selecting a range of potentially best-camping toilets and taking them through some testing for features authentication, I came up with a list of the best-recommended camping toilets.

The first thing that you ought to know about this paddle is that the blade material is constructed and designed from polypropylene. With this, I can assure you that this is one of the competitive paddles in the market.

The shaft material is obviously light weight because it has been constructed from a light tempered aluminium, this gives you that joy and comfort of carrying your paddle around.

The shafts are designed in a unique manner that they can either be straight shafts with a fully round diameter at the top or consequential they can have an oval indexed section which allows for quick placement of the hand providing that firm grip at the bottom.


  • Polypropylene blade material
  • Lightweight tempered aluminium shaft
  • Black and silver color
  • Lengths 2-piece( 220cm, 230 cm and 240cm)


  • The paddle is light and sturdy
  • It is easy to store
  • Comes at a reasonable price
  • Nice power transfer
  • Adjustable feathering with 60 degrees left or right
  • Best for beginners


  • Hand grips do not have padding

I can comfortably confirm that this is one of the best known curved kayak paddles that I have used. The craftsmanship on this blade is amazing and stunning. I bet it can leave most of you speechless.

​Ranging to a height 7 foot, and also designed to provide easier two sections of the curved blade.

The unit can automatically break into two pieces, and with this, you can have an easier storage, plus you need not worry about transportation.

The adjustable blade can be set into the position you require either for standard or offset paddling. The curved blade also ensures that paddling is efficient and fun.


  • Curve blade surfaces7 foot with 2-setion curved blades
  • Adjustable blade angle
  • Curved blade surfaces
  • Aluminium construction


  • Breaks into two sections for easier transportation and storage
  • Lightweight with durable aluminium components
  • It is easy to use
  • The adjustable blade angle accommodates standard and offset paddling
  • Foam hand grips for comfort
  • Curved surface brings about paddling efficiency


  • Not perfect for right-handed paddlers

With an exclusive dorsal design when it comes to the blade, this Seattle Sports Kayak paddle is designed to serve you. Built to face any force, you are guaranteed of strength as well as beauty because of the design of the blade.

It is encompassed with a tough but light weight carbon shaft on both ends of the kayak plus a quickly adjustable cam ferrule that lets you adjust the paddle to the size that suits you. The impact resistant glass reinforced nylon is encompassed in the paddle's design to improve on the functionality. You can also use the paddles at night because of their distinctive reflective emblem.


  • Tough and lightweight 2-piece carbon shaft
  • Integrated louvers
  • Exclusive Dorsel Blade Design
  • Strong and light carbon fiber shaft
  • Quick -adjust ferrule


  • Beautiful design and affordable price
  • The built-in reinforced nylon provides an improved performance
  • Has a reflective emblem for better day and night visibility
  • Highly adjustable
  • Great paddle for a great price


  • It is heavy

As its name suggests, this is also another curved kayak paddle that is competitive in the market. With the curved blades at each of the end, this is an outstanding and unique curved kayak paddle.

You can manually adjust the paddle to the size that you want and with this, it is very reliable and efficient for kayak paddling. The paddle is also long enough to favour tall people who would also be interested in kayaking.


  • Curved blades
  • Long paddle
  • Lightweight


  • Works well
  • Great for small kayaks
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Easy to transport and store


  • The paddle breaks easily

Featuring two pieces of Aluminum construction, the leader Accessories Marie Kayak Paddle lives up to the expectation it deserves. It also comes with an enforced push button connection that allows you to get that reliable and effective connection. You are also secured because you can choose from the three locking positions to which you wish your device to lock on for efficient paddling.

The kayak paddle is also constructed from both durable and lightweight materials allowing you to feather it up to 60 degrees for the left or right-hand control. You can also get the engineered curved paddle blade in five colors, a variety you can choose.


  • Total length is 87'' (220 cm)
  • Two pieces aluminum construction
  • Lightweight, molded plastic blades
  • Enforced push-button connection
  • Feathered blade design
  • Three locking positions


  • Has 3 locking mechanism
  • Features an engineered curved paddle blade
  • Durable and lightweight
  • Available in different colors
  • Sturdy and easy to use


  • Has poor rubber

Your kayaking experience will never be the same thanks to the new Shoreline Marine Kayak paddle that is constructed from anodized aluminum, and this makes the paddle very sturdy and also lightweight with easy navigation. There is a reinforced fiberglass blade which adds to the lightweight handling plus ensuring that maximum service life and pro longed durability.

The low angle paddle design is necessary for that comfort and relaxation each time you paddling whereas the teardrop blade can move large quantities of water very efficiently while maintaining a minimum effort. This ensures that you will always have fun and enjoy your kayaking trips.


  • Reinforced fiberglass blade
  • Anodized aluminium construction
  • Teardrop blade


  • The paddle is lightweight
  • Comfortable grips
  • Paddles smoothly
  • Breaks down easily for easy storage


  • It is not durable

This type of kayak paddle is fiberglass filled with polypropylene blades which in turn makes the paddle very durable and lightweight when it comes down to its use. The asymmetrical and slightly spooned blade shape when combined with the light weight plus the flexible fiberglass shaft you are guaranteed of very powerful strokes during kayaking.

The fiberglass shaft gives you that sweet compromise choice between the stiffness of a strong paddle stroke or the flex needed in order to reduce the stress on your joints. You can get the unbeatable balance between the lightweight and durability making this paddle very efficient and reliable when it comes to paddling.


  • High impact glass-filled polypropylene blade material
  • Fiberglass shaft
  • Available in lengths 220 cm, 230 cm and 240 cm
  • Weighs 35.6 oz


  • Lightweight and durable paddle
  • The fiberglass shaft provides smooth and powerful strokes
  • Very durable
  • Comfortable paddle
  • Available in sunrise and cloud colors


  • Users say it is heavy

SeaSense have for a long time been producing quality and reliable paddles and this one is no exception. With a two-piece aluminum construction, this paddle is designed to be more efficient and competitive when it comes to kayaking or paddling. Featured with light black molded plastic blades, they provide the strong strokes that you need large

quantities of water with minimum effort required. The Adjustable grip guards ensure that you get that firm and sturdy grip when it comes to this kind of paddle. There is also the presence of foam rubber grips that increase your grip security.


  • 2-piece aluminum construction
  • Lightweight, black moulded plastic blades
  • Adjustable drip rings
  • Ergonomic foam hand grips
  • Boat paddle has a length of 96"


  • Affordable paddle for recreational kayakers
  • The aluminium construction makes it portable and easy to store
  • It is sturdy
  • Foam rubber grips for comfort


  • The rubber stoppers are not in place

The paddle is designed with a maximum height of 6 feet that is suitable for all beginning children of all ages. You also get a standard push button which allows you that freedom of feathering between the 60 degrees angle and the ninety degrees angle with the shafts made from aircraft grade aluminum.

This means that the paddle is made from quality lightweight materials that only weigh 2.0 lbs and below. The blades are also curved giving them that efficient and reliable stroke whenever you are paddling and they are 72 inches long meaning they can accommodate large quantities of water.


  • Curved blades
  • 72 inches long
  • 2 piece aircraft grade aluminium shaft
  • Asymmetrical polypropylene blades


  • Nice paddle for beginners
  • Designed with lightweight blades
  • Lightweight paddle that suits kids
  • Has a standard push button to allow two feather positions 60-90 degrees


  • Doesn’t come with water deflectors

It is constructed with a unique feather blade design that is essential for paddling through rough, calm or even still water. The two-piece construction pad is very easy to store, and you will have no problem when thinking about where to store it. 

The paddle is also designed with adjustable grip pads that lock it down and ensure that you get that hard, tight and secure grip while you are busy paddling.

You are also guaranteed of three locking places when you use this type of pad, and this allows you room to set the pad on where you want it to focus. You also have a supportive ridge that is responsible for that added strength whenever it is required.


  • Feather blade design
  • Adjustable grip pads
  • Three locking positions
  • Adjustable drip guards
  • Support ridge for added strength


  • Suits people with shorter reach and less strength
  • Floats well
  • It is adjustable
  • The two-piece construction provides easy storage
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Its aluminium material doesn’t rot


  • It is hard to take apart

Final Verdict

Getting the right kayak paddle that suits you can be a very traumatizing experience but with this short review, I know that it will go a long way in helping you get that desired and best performing kayak paddle that you want. Whether you are buying it for you or your family and friends, it is important that you get that quality, durable and long serving kayak paddle. It would be of such regret that you get a horrible paddle when there are this and many more reviews about kayak paddles. Good luck and always be positive, in the end, you will succeed.

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