Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Kayak Review

Fishing and other recreational activities are very important adventures that you need to prepare accordingly. The obvious thing you should get is the Vessel for transport. This is the first consideration to consider. When you go fishing or water sporting activities the first question you ask yourself is:

What will I use for transport? This question in the past was very difficult to answer but not anymore. This is after the introduction of vibe sea ghost 130. This is a quality vessel from vibes kayaks that will make your adventures memorable.

You need to do your best to ensure each and every time you are in the water for either fishing or recreation you get the best of memories. In the past to do such a venture was costly and very expensive.  When Vibe Kayaks innovated this kayak, this nut was cracked.

The vibe sea ghost 130 is a top-quality angler. This kayak is very essential in ensuring that while you go fishing/water sporting you get an amazing experience. Furthermore, you can use it for water recreational activity. It with an adjustable comfort seat. All you questions about means for transport while fishing or water recreational activities will be solved today.

vibe sea ghost 130

Details of Vibe Sea Ghost Review

We have made this review to provide you with an in-depth understanding of why you should opt for. We are going to look at the features that make it the best K​​ayak to opt for:

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Top Speed

The Vibe Kayak has been suited so that you can achieve high speeds. This is because it is made from light materials. This makes it possible to navigate at a high speed at any moment. The manufacturers have made it in a way that you get a perfect balance. As a result, you focus less on the Kayak Angler and focus more on the activity you are partaking.

This has made it be useable for sporting races to deliver great outcomes. Research done by Kayakers has shown that this vibe kayaks sea ghost 130 has the highest speed.

​Furthermore, it does not matter what kind of weight you are carrying it will still deliver great results at all times. This is provided you do not exceed the maximum pounds of weight you should carry. When it comes to speed we assure you that it is a very big tick with no doubt.

Great Stability

How would you feel riding something which is unstable and shaking? You will obviously be filled with fear about what might happen. This is no longer the case with this vibe sea ghost 130 angler kayak package. The Engineering activities done to this have ensured the best out of it when it comes to stability.

Firstly, they have made all sides to have equal weights to avoid a lack of balance. Secondly, it has been made to be as low as possible to lower the Center of Gravity.

Thirdly, it is made from very light materials that are very stable. This material makes it be difficult for it to sink on the water it remains floating provided the weather is calm. Lastly, the luggage point is well suited at the back so that it offers balance with body weight. Therefore, when it comes to stability trust this vibe sea ghost 130 and you shall have no regrets.

Comfortable Kayak

Comfort is paramount in any angler kayak you are using. You always want to ensure you are comfortable. This is because discomfort will always affect the outcome. If it is fishing you get a small catch. This is why Vibe Kayaks understands your needs better and have designed it to be comfortable.

The dual position of the Vibe Hero seat provides comfort and support. Which are ventilated to avoid the accumulation of moisture. These seats are made to be very comfortable you even might confuse with those of a bus.

Well, suited comfy carrying handles are featured to offer comfort when at high speed.  Additionally, the seats are adjustable. These help one be able to set them depending on the moods one is in. Lastly, the position for placing the toes has an added rubber for a comfortable suit.

Adequate Storage Features

When going fishing, there are essential items you need to carry. For example, you will need a hook and line. Where to place them might be at times be difficult to place them. This is no longer the case when it comes to this vibe kayaks sea ghost 130. This due to the fact that they have a well-placed luggage point.

This Vibe Kayak has a magnetic tackle tray, a huge back storage area, and not forgetting, a front cargo storage tank.

Besides, that has cargo bags. One amazing feature of these bags is that they are made to be waterproof. The fact that it is waterproof, makes it possible for one to place any material without fear of it getting wet. Storage capacity in this vibe sea ghost 130 is guaranteed.

Quality Material

All the contents in the ​vibe sea ghost 130 angler kayak package​ are made from quality material. This is to, ensure great performance while at work. The material used for constructing it is very strong and durable. Firstly, Kayak is well covered with polyethylene material.

This material helps to prevent, penetration of water. It acts as a cover. Secondly, the Adjustable seat is made of comfortable materials. In addition, it is covered with leather to ensure, long-lasting performance at all times.

This leather coating also avoids tear and wear due to friction between the body and the seat. Lastly, the materials are slip resistant. This feature helps avoid objects from slipping off the bought when in high motion/speed. It is thus has a recommendable, quality of the material.

An Amazing Peddling system & Gears

This vibe kayak has a series that focuses on delivering great speed. This cannot be possible if the peddles are not well set. This is why the peddling system has been given a priority. The manufacturers have made it with competence to ensure, you are able to go to where you want easily. This is maintaining the fact that you use very little energy steer it.

Additionally, it has gears made of high tolerance. This makes it very easy to stop easily when you want. No matter what speed you are on, when you apply the brakes it stops swiftly without issues.


Would you like to purchase something which you will be repairing each and every time? You obviously wouldn’t like that. This is why you should opt for this kayak, for it assures durability. The material used assure durability at all time.

The leather and polythene make are very durable as you are aware. The waterproof feature also reduces wear and tear at all times. No matter how long it rains, it still remains to be durable.

Research showed that of all the Kayaks, the vibe sea ghost had the longest durability. It has that energy to withstand any weather conditions. It only needs very little maintenance on the moveable parts e.g. peddles. You will, therefore, need not worry about incurring a loss due to malfunction.

Compatible and Friendly Makeup

The vibe sea ghost 130 angler kayak package is made friendly and compatible. As you take your venture, it is important to note that your body, is more important than anything else. This is why this Kayak, is advisable for use, to avoid the occurrence of any complications.

This is made from hygienic materials friendly to the body. The materials used to manufacture it, are non-toxic. This helps to avoid, any health hazards to the body.

The materials used are also, additionally compatible with the body. These are things like body temperature to avoid getting sick. Either on high or low speed this kayak is very compatible to ensure nothing goes wrong.

Highlighted Features:

  • Made of durable peddlers
  • Has a medium length
  • It weighs about 57 Pounds
  • Offers a large capacity of about 375 Pounds
  • Linear quality brakes
  • A Balanced structure
  • Achievable Top Speed peddling.


  • Made quality materials
  • The material used is designed to
  • It is very affordable compared to other
  • Comes with many accessories to enhance riding
  • Provides smooth peddling experience at all times
  • It has a good and nice-looking design
  • Comfortable navigation feature e.g. adjustable seat
  • Offers an achievable top speed to ensure you are never late
  • The metal alloy increases the durability


  • It comes in one size
  • It cannot navigate the deep seas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Is The Maximum Luggage Weight That This Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Can Carry?

The kayak has the capability of being able to support a maximum weight of up to 375 pounds.

Q: Is The Kayak Light or Heavy?

It is made of light materials, this is to be able to improve on its stability. This makes it to generally have a lightweight.

Q: Is The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 Angler Kayak Package Price-friendly?

Yes, this Kayak is price friendly. This is to ensure that, you don’t have to either overspend or underspend.

Final Verdict:

As we have seen, in this vibe sea ghost 130 reviews, it is evident that this is a great kayak, with great features. If you want a kayak Angler, with top speed, durable design, comfortable seats, great stability, large storage space and also strong peddling system. This is the best to opt for you.

If you want to improve your fishing experience, get yourself this vibe sea ghost 130. With this, I assure you that you will be enjoying each and every fishing occasion.

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