Sea-Doo Spark Top Speed – Ultimate Guide

If you are looking for adventure in the water, then the Sea-Doo Spark is the way to go. The Spark is one of the fastest jet skis available, and it is super affordable. The Sea-Doo Spark is a powerful motor ski that doesn’t compromise on anything.

It is fast, affordable, and completely amazing. This sea-doo spark review will help you understand more features, know the sea-doo spark top speed and why you should get one.

Sea-Doo Spark Top Speed

How fast is a Sea-doo Spark?

The sea doo spark top speed is one of the most popular jet skis around, and it is like that for a reason. So how fast is this Jet Ski?

There are two speeds to the Jet Ski. The first one is the 60HP Spark that goes at about 40MPH. The other one is the 90HP Spark that goes at a top speed of about 50MPH.

Now, these speeds might not seem like a lot, but there is one factor you should take into account. The Sea-Doo Spark is a lightweight material; it is almost half the weight of a regular jet ski. This lightweight size means it can take advantage of the motor to give you top speed, unlike any other. The 40MPH ski can feel like the 60MPH due to its lightweights. If that is not speed, I don’t know what is!

Another advantage of the sea doo spark weight is the engine. Due to the weight, the Spark does not need a powerful engine. This, in turn, means it will not need a lot of gas. So, not only do you get a lightweight and super affordable ski, but you also get one that will not consume a lot of gas. You cannot compare the price you get from this small engine ski to its larger counterparts.

Details Guide Of Sea-Doo Spark Top Speed


Apart from the high speed, other things make the Spark a great machine. One of those is its durability. The Spark, unlike most other watercraft, is made from hard plastic, known as Ploy-Tec.

This plastic material ensures that the Spark won’t break easily. For example, if you had two choices of dinnerware; plastic and glass, the one that is most likely to break is the glassware. That is true with the Spark. Manufacturers say they took one up and dropped it and all the Spark did was bounce.

While most people look down on the Spark because of the material, you should not make the same mistake. The plastic material makes it more durable, meaning you can get a lot of life out of Spark before it gives out on you.

The plastic material also has another advantage to it: the weight. Because of the plastic, the Spark cuts down on a lot of weight, which in turn reduces the cost. Plastic watercraft could very well be the future due to the durability, weight, and price. As long as you don’t take it out to areas with rocks, the sea doo spark reliability is one you can trust.


Apart from the speed, weight, and plastic, another thing that makes the Spark stand out is the color. Most other skis are made from fiberglass so you don’t get a variety of colors. The Spark has new and vibrant colors like pineapple (yellow), blueberry (blue), chili pepper (red), vanilla (white), and key lime (green). There are older colors like bubble gum (pink).

With numerous colors on offer, you can get yourself a fast, lightweight water ski that comes in your favorite color. Aside from the normal seat colors, the Spark seat color matches the rest of the ski. You can customize your ski the way you want with this variety of colors.


One of the best features of the Spark is the engine. It has a 900 ACE engine. This engine is fuel-efficient and very powerful. It is made by Rotax, the same company that makes engines for planes, motorcycles, and ATVs so you know you can trust it.

The Spark comes with two engine options, the 60HP, and the 90HP. The 60 HP goes for about 40 MPH while the 90 HP goes for about 50 MPH. The 90HP Spark engine is the only one that has a Sport Mode and a Touring Mode. It is also the only engine that has a 3up. The 2up has a 60 HP option or a 90 HP motor.

The Gauge

The Seadoo Spark gauge is the same for all the models. It shows you the speed, hours, and RPM. It also has a red button that lets you scroll through its functions. You can also hold the red button down for some seconds and press it a second time, and it will put you in Sport Mode. Hold it down again, and you’ll go back to Touring Mode.

Touring Mode is good for just lazing around in the water, and it does not use a lot of water, however. On the other hand, Sport Mode gives you access to full power. With this mode on, nothing is going to hold you back.

Handle Bar Grips

The new Spark models have done something different with the grips; they have a palm rest feature included. The palm rest puts ergonomics first. You get more comfortable with the palm rest, especially when going for long rides. It also gives you more confidence when pulling in the throttle. You can even buy these grips separately and put them on your Spark if it doesn’t’ come with them.

IBR- Brakes Reverse Neutral

Not all Seadoo Sparks will have this feature, but no matter. The iBR makes docking easier and also acts like brakes for your jet ski. The Seadoo Company is the only one that makes watercraft with brakes. The brakes come in handy if you are in an emergency or you need to stop right away.

With the other models that don’t have the iBR, stopping is not a problem. The RPMs on these Sparks are usually so low that you will only have to rotate the watercraft in a circle for you to kill the momentum, point it to where you want it to go, and then just shut it off. It will slowly drift in the position you want to go to.

Now, we are going to look at some of the Seadoo Sparks available and just how fast they can go.

2014 Sea-Doo Spark

This Spark is affordable and fast. You can use the Spark as a family and enjoy a fun day out in the water. It is easy to tow, so you don’t have to worry about finding a truck to tow it with. You can use your normal compact sedan to get it out into the water. It also comes in a compact design that makes storage easy, and it also comes with a new trailer that is designed for two people.

How Fast Does It Go?

Like all Sea-doo Sparks, this model is fast. This speed is made possible by the powerful 900 ACE engine. The speed is up to 50 MPH but you probably won’t need this. Because of its lightweight size, the 60 MPH can feel like a 100. Just slowly use it for cruising and enjoy a day on the beach.

Sea-doo Spark Specs

The 2014 Spark has a ROTAX 900 ACE engine with a manual reverse kit transmission. Its fuel type is 87 octane and has a rider capacity of both 2up and 3up with a fuel capacity of 7.9 gallons, which is 30 liters.

Spark’s exoskeleton is made from Poly-Tec plastic that reduces the weight. The small skeleton keeps only the essential parts in the front to create a strong, cutting-edge design. The plastic material is recyclable and has polypropylene and long glass fiber for reinforcements.

It also uses a coolant that ensures the engine runs at the ideal temperature and it keeps out saltwater and debris that could ruin the engine. The Spark has up to 16 operating functions that include the Sport and Touring Modes, a Speedometer, fuel consumption meter, and many more.

Sea-Doo Spark Trixx

This is the other Seadoo Spark I am going to mention. It is the 2018 version.

How Fast Does It Go?

The Seadoo Trixx can go up to 50mph. While it might feel like a little, this speed can feel like 100 mph when out in the sea. The speed is made possible by the ROTAX 900 HO ACE engine that incorporates excellent power-to-weight ratio with crisp acceleration, and an impressive fuel economy. The engine has an 899 cc four-stroke capability with three cylinders, each cylinder having four valves.

Sea-Doo Trixx Specifications

Some of the features that make the Trixx worth it include the iTC (Intelligent Throttle Control) system that starts in neutral for easy dockside starts. It also includes Touring and Sport modes that you can set according to your specifications.

The Trixx also has a D-Sea-Bel system that consists of a series of resonators and components that absorb vibration to make it one of the quietest watercraft on the water.

Other specifications include a closed-lip cooling system that uses coolant to ensure the motor doesn’t overheat. The coolant also stops saltwater and debris from getting into the engine.

It also has an Intelligent Brake and Reverse (iBR) system that helps improve boating safety. The system allows you to stop quickly in case of emergencies. The reverse feature allows you to maneuver easily for easy docking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is The Sea-doo Spark Slow?

No, far from it. The Spark is arguably one of the fastest watercrafts available. When out on the water, you don’t have anything that causes resistance so it will seem like you are going faster than you would when in a car. The Spark also has a great power to weight ratio that makes the speed seem even faster.

Q: How Durable Is the Sea-Doo Spark?

Many people are thrown off by the fact that it is made of plastic, and they assume it is not durable. The Sea-doo Spark is made from Ploy-Tec, a hard plastic. The hard plastic can endure a lot of use before it gives. You can even say the plastic material makes it more durable than its fiberglass counterparts. The plastic also cuts down on weight and the cost; both buying and maintaining it.

Q: Where Is The Engine?

To get to the engine on the Seadoo Spark, you have to take off the whole top deck. Doing this will give you access to panels that lead you to everything you need for regular maintenance. If you want to reach the gas fill, you will have to lift the seat but the engine is found under the top deck.

Q: Does Sea Doo Spark Top Speed Have Storage?

Depending on the model you have; the Spark has a lot of storage space. If you are alone, you can use the remaining space on a 2up or a 3up for storage. The watercraft also has a hole in the front that you can use for extra storage space, which is more than you need.

Q: What Are A 2up and A 3up?

These words are used to refer to the seating options on the Sea-doo Spark. A 2up is a 2-seater while a 3up is a 3-seater. To differentiate a 2-seater from a 3-seater, all you have to do is look at the platform. A 3-seater has an extension platform at the back while a 2-seater doesn’t have the platform.


Any Sea-Doo spark top speed can include these amazing features that make water sports easy. The features you will find are top-notch to ensure you get the most out of your watercraft. The fact that it is made from recyclable material makes these watercrafts some of the best you can find anywhere.

The minimalistic design on them ensures that you don’t miss out on the essential structural parts that you can find in the front section. The design also reduces the weight of the ski and creates a strong, cutting-edge design that makes the Spark a unique watercraft that you should have.

So, on the question of “how fast can a sea-doo Spark go?” We now have an answer. There are two speeds in the Spark; 30 mph and 50 mph. These speeds are more than enough for anyone. The lightweight design and powerful engine make the speed seem even faster. I would say the Sea-doo Spark is one of the fastest watercrafts available and you should get one for yourself.

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