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Well, who doesn’t love to explore nature at its most untouched? If you are an adrenaline junkie, then you will love to go kayaking across water bodies. Whether it a river or lake, Kayaks are the perfect vessel for this kind of water adventure.

But here’s the catch, you cannot just grab your normal hard shell kayak and decide to have a little thrill because hard-shell kayaks are super heavy and difficult to carry.

This is where inflatable kayaks will come to rescue you. The word ‘inflatable kayak’ might make you think these are swimming pool toys, but these will change your kayaking experience completely.

Inflatable kayaks are very portable. You can simply pick your kayak like a suitcase and carry it around. Apart from being portable, these kayaks are durable as well.

Let’s see why you should go for a pacific extreme inflatable kayak!

Why Choose Pacific Extreme Inflatable Kayak?

Pacific Extreme Inflatable Kayak

This two-person inflatable kayak has the same features as the normal rigid ones. There is a floor, an enclosure to keep your equipment from getting wet, and a large selection of telescoping paddles to pick from.

These inflatable kayaking boats are frequently far less expensive than rigid ones, and they are composed of materials that are just as robust as any rigid model.

Specifications –

  • Material used: 0.9mm PVC
  • Maximum load- 260 kg
  • Kayak Type: Family kayak
  • Usage: Leisure, fishing, cruising, sightseeing, drifting
  • Air chamber: 2+1
  • Floor: Drop stitch floor/ See through floor / Inflatable floor
  • Warranty: Almost 2 years

Cost: $200 – $800

Time needed to inflate/deflate: 5-8 minutes with a hand pump


  • Lightweight And Portability

This is one of the obvious reasons people gravitate towards pacific extreme kayaks. You can simply put it in your bag pack, car trunk, or your cupboard.

  • Stability

All inflatable kayaks have three independent air chambers, one for each side and one for the floor. So, if one of them leaks while paddling, the other two will keep you afloat and safely return you to the shore.

Because of this air-filled nature, they are highly buoyant, making them very stable and unsinkable.

  • Easy Storage

These are foldable. Once you are done using it, just simply deflate it, fold it and store it in a bag pack.

  • Affordable

These costs comparatively less than normal hard shell kayaks, usually because the materials used are way cheaper.


  • Extreme Temperature-Sensitive

Since it has air chambers, the extreme temperature might cause the air pressure to change.

At a very high temperature, the air pressure increases, causing it to expand and burst. Whereas at a shallow temperature, the air pressure decreases, causing it to shrink.

  • Takes Time To Pack Up

The kayak needs to be dried off completely so that not even a drop of water remains because any remaining water droplet might encourage the growth of mold and mildew.


1. Is An Inflatable Kayak Safe?

If you think inflatable kayaks are not safe like real kayaks, then you need to break the bubble. Inflatable kayaks are just as safe as any other kayak, all thanks to the tough materials they are made of, their rigid structure, and of course, their comfortable seats.

Inflatable kayaks are generally made of either PVC, Nitrylon, or Hypalon; those provide a challenging and resilient outer protecting them from tear and wear.

2. How Do I Clean It?

Cleaning an inflatable kayak is super easy. You can simply use your essential household cleaners to clean it.

In case you have a stubborn stain from grease or oil that won’t come off easily, getting an inflatable boat cleaner would do the trick.

3. What Should I Do To Protect It From Tear And Wear?

First thing first, avoid getting a cheaper product. Usually, good products come at a higher price. Although inflatable kayaks aren’t that much expensive, you still shouldn’t buy a cheaper model. A good quality model will last longer and have lower chances of being damaged.

Second, try to keep your kayak away from sharp objects and try not to drag it. Since it is lightweight, simply carry it.

Third, use a 303 protectant spray to protect your kayak material from exposure to chemicals and UV rays.

Wrapping Up

Do you want to travel to the other side of the continent, or perhaps the world, for kayaking? No worries.

It is no longer a hassle. Kayaking is now more fun with the invention of inflatable kayaks. Just put your inflatable kayak in your bag, and you are good to go.

Pacific Extreme Inflatable Kayak is a handy watercraft to have. It is a light weighted kayak which is like the ultimate in portability amongst all kayaks. Besides, the seats are adjustable so you can enjoy your kayaking experience comfortably.

With so many options in the market, finding the right pick entails lots of legwork. If you want to buy an inflatable kayak, get your hands on the Pacific Extreme Inflatable Kayak, and trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

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