Coleman Colorado™ 2-Person Fishing Kayak Review

The Coleman Colorado 2-person Fishing Kayak is part of the brand’s tradition of providing lovers of the outdoors with high-quality yet affordably-priced kayaking-related gear, supplies and equipment. Even to a novice in kayaking, this inflatable kayak appears to be seaworthy from its thick vinyl materials to its storage spaces.

But this isn’t just your regular inflatable kayak! If you’re an avid fisherman, you should look into its suitability in meeting your needs and wants for a fishing kayak – durable, functional and beautiful. You may not even look at another inflatable kayak when you have taken this baby on several fishing trips.

Shipping Weight:

40.4 pounds


18-gauge PVC


2 people


30.1 x 11.6 x 19.2 inches

Other Features:

1000D tarpaulin bottom

The 18-gauge PVC coupled with the 840 Denier nylon cover and 1000 Denier tarpaulin bottom makes Colorado highly resistant to the impact of sharp stones, glass and thorns on its surface.

You can even drag it over the rocky ground on the way to shore with its bottom and sides intact, although there may be tiny abrasions.

The material’s above average for punctures, tears, and rips means that it can also withstand years of use. You must, nonetheless, take proper care of the kayak so that it can last for five years or more. You will get good value for your money in this way.

Multiple Air Chambers

In case the kayak has a hole, there’s no need to jump overboard in the fear of it sinking underwater. Its multiple air chambers are designed to ensure that even when one air chamber has a few holes in it, the kayak will stay afloat – even with your weight on it.

The intact air chambers will take up the slack until such time you can reach the shore and repair the damage.

Fast and Easy Assembly

Who wants to spend an hour figuring out the complicated design of an inflatable kayak? With the Colorado kayak, you can set up the entire boat in 10 minutes or less, easy-peasy.

Such ease of set-up is borne of the fact that you only need to connect the pump to the Boston valve in each air chamber and pump away. Within 10 or so minutes of pumping, you should have a fully inflated kayak! Your next step: Pull the kayak into the water and start paddling.

Multiple Storage Spaces

The storage spaces leave nothing to be desired. You have the Berkley Quick Set Rod Holders for placing your fishing rods on and voila!

You can enjoy hands-free fishing. Your paddles can be placed on the paddle holders when you’re not using them, such as when idling.

The more important storage options are the mesh pockets for storing small gear and the D rings for fastening supplies. You can bring as much as a weekend’s worth of supplies.

Versatile Uses

The kayak can be used for a wide range of related activities. You can ride on it to explore your favorite river, or tend to your larger boat, or go fishing in it.

You can attach a trolling motor, too, in case you want to improve your fishing results. You can catch a large fish, too, and place it in your kayak. The 400-plus pound capacity should be enough for it.


  • check
    Trolling motor can be attached
  • check
    Carry handles for easy pulling in and out of water
  • check
    Durable materials on sides, hull, and bottom
  • check
    Easy set-up
  • check
    Fits into bag


  • Cargo space can be bigger


Q: What’s in the package?

A: The inflatable kayak plus the carry bag and pressure gauge.

Final Verdict

The Coleman Colorado 2-person Fishing Kayak is your best bet when you want a durable and functional inflatable kayak with fishing-friendly features.

You can rely on the durable PVC and tarpaulin materials to hold their own against possible puncture sources, such as fishing hooks, and hold the kayak together, too.

Your time spent on the water will be maximized, too, since it only takes a few minutes to assemble it although putting your gear in it can take time.

You can use the kayak for other non-fishing activities, too, such as touring the area and getting your exercise. No matter your plans for it, you will be delighted that it lives up to the Coleman name!

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