Best Surf Kayaks in 2023 – Top Selections From Expert!

The idea of surfing using a kayak will give you the most enjoyable experience. That’s why you need the best surf kayaks. Most kayaks in the market are designed for regular kayaking in lakes, rivers, and other water bodies with very small waves. However, you can still find kayaks that can still be perfect for surfing.

Do you intend at catching large waves with a kayak? Well, that’s why we are here. We have reviews on 5 of the best kayak models that you can use for surfing. We are also going to give you a guide on how to choose one from the five.

Why Should You Get A Surf Kayak?

A surf kayak is a great option if you want better control as compared to a surfboard. It gives you the opportunity to control the direction of your travel. Therefore, surf kayakers find it easy to move across the front of a wave for a long time by simply adjusting the direction. They also achieve a larger surf since of kayaks offer great stability.

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Top 5 Best Surf Kayaks Reviews

The following are some top models on the market today that will be a great purchase. Go through the reviews and guide to find which one is suitable for you.

​1.Ocean Kayak Malibu Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak Review

You will have a great experience surfing on this kayak. Ocean Kayak Malibu Sit-On-Top Recreational Kayak has great features that will support surfing in very large waves. The kayak features a tandem that allows you to sit on top of the kayak. The versatility of this kayak is amazing.

Besides using it for surfing, it is great for kayaking in lakes, rivers, bays, and also Open Ocean. The kayak features a beam measuring 34 inches. If you want to do kayaks surfing, this is the best kayak model for you. Do you know why? Well, it is all because of its stability that can allow it to handle rough waves that come the way. For great stability, the kayak has a hull with three layers.

The kayak is great for any user. It doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie, intermediate, or expert. Using this kayak is super easy. The kayak weight 60 pounds. It might be hard for a single person to lift it. However, two individuals will lift this kayak without any problem.

The kayak comes with 3 seating positions. This will allow you to take the entire members of your family to the surfing adventure. As long as you don’t exceed its 425 ponds weight limit, any weight below that is perfect for the kayak. This kayak is also great for fishing. The kayak has a very sturdy construction. This implies that the kayak can last for a very long time. Well, isn’t this all you need in a kayak?


  • ​The kayak has 3 layer hull for great stability
  • ​You can use this kayak different water bodies
  • ​You can either use it alone or along with other riders


  • ​The kayak gets dirty very fast

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2.SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Aruba 10​ Foot Sit in Kayak

This is a sit-in type of kayak. This implies that its design allows you to sit inside the kayak. One thing you will never go wrong with this kayak is its durability. Sun Dolphin Aruba 10-Foot Sit-in Kayak is made from high-quality material that ensures that the kayak will last for decades.

The material behind this high-quality kayak is polyethylene of high density. This material can handle any rough usage. Repairing it is also super easy and affordable. Aruba comes in a variety of colors to choose from.

You can opt to go for red, tangerine, or a blue one. The stability of this kayak is at its best. This makes it the best kayak for surf. The kayak weighs 40 pounds. The fact that it is lightweight makes it sit perfectly on the water.

This Sundolphin’s kayak has a great centerline distance. This allows the kayak to be very stable on the water. You will use this kayak for surfing without tipping. The kayak is great for intermediate and expert users. If you are a novice, you need to do a little training on getting in and out of the kayak, and also operating it. The width of this Aruba kayak is 30 inches with a flat bottom.

​Carrying this kayak from one place to another is very easy. This is all possible due to its lightweight. You don’t need any help to take it to the waterside. This kayak is a 10 foot kind with a weight limit of 250 pounds.  The kayak comes with a storage compartment to hold your items.


  • ​The kayak is very stable
  • ​It comes with an attractive design
  • ​This kayak is very portable
  • ​It allows you to have comfort when paddling


  • ​The storage compartment could be bigger

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3.SUNDOLPHIN Sun Dolphin Bali SS 10-Foot Sit on top Kayak

You will most things about Sundolphin kayaks. This specific model is a sit on top surf kayak. Yes, this kayak will have a great performance when you use it in large waves. The best thing about this Bali kayak is that it can hold more people than the Aruba model. Therefore if you are a kayak surfer who doesn’t like kayaking alone, this is an excellent choice for you.

You can have two of your buddies accompany you on the surfing adventure. The Sundolphin brand is always considered to include a storage compartment. This model also comes with a storage compartment. For this kayak, the storage space is very adequate. You can carry supplies and kayak equipment inside the storage compartment.

You will be comfortable riding in this kayak. The kayak seat is padded and the backrest is perfectly cushioned. You can also adjust the foot braces of the kayak for more comfort. This kayak comes with a self-bailing feature. The feature allows the kayak to drain itself in case water gets in the kayak.

​With that, you can be sure that you and your buddies will be safe riding on the kayak.  This kayak will hold 400-500 pounds. However, for more stability, the lesser the weight the better. Therefore, you should at least not exceed 400 pounds. Just to be on the safe side. Just like any other Sundolphin kayak, this model is built to last. The kayak is a product from UV-stabilized polyethylene. The UV rays cannot damage this kayak at all.


  • ​This kayak model has a compact design
  • ​The storage compartment of this kayak is adequate
  • ​This kayak is suitable for any user
  • ​It comes at a user-friendly price


  • ​The kayak does not come with any rod holders

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4.Perception Sport Pescador 10 Kayak

If you are looking for ocean surf kayaks, this might be the best model for you. The Perception sports brand makes high-quality kayaks whose stability can be trusted for surfing in strong waves. This model is one of the models. The Pescador 10 kayak comes with great features.

​It is a sit on top surf kayak that’s great for kayaking on rivers, lakes, and other water bodies.

The versatility of this kayak makes it usable for more than one function. Carrying this kayak from one place to another is very simple. This is because of its lightweight.  The kayak weighs 52 pounds that one person can handle without any problem. For solo kayak riders, this will be a great advantage. Just carry the kayak in your car, carry it to the waterside and you are good to go.

The thing that makes this kayak likable, is its comfort. It incorporates a comfortable seating system which is a game-changer. Once you sit on this kayak, you will never desire to ride in another kayak model rather than this. The system allows you to adjust the back support of the kayak seat.

You can also adjust the footwells to prevent fatigue during the surfing or kayaking trip. The length of this kayak is 10 inches with a width of 29 inches. This is enough length and width to ensure the stability of the kayak. The kayak comes bungee cord that is useful in storing kayak gear. You can use this product as a surf fishing kayak. Having this kayak is a great deal.


  • ​This kayak model comes with a rod holder and bungee cord
  • ​You will be very comfortable seating on this kayak
  • ​This kayak is perfectly designed


  • ​The kayak comes at a relatively high price

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​5.Riot Kayaks Boogie 50 Whitewater Surf Kayak

If you need to stick to your budget and still get the best kayak for surf, this is the model to look for. The very extensive cockpit zone permits you to change position when you are as yet moving the kayak. This kayak has estimations of 7 ft * 9 inches * 24.7 inches.

The kayak’s weight is 35 lbs. It is extremely lightweight. This will allow you to carry it from one place to another easily. You will not need any assistance.

The kayak has a non-slip power seat which is outfitted with an ergonomic backrest for enough back help. You can also balance the kayak’s seat with the help of its fastener change switch. Although this kayak is not specifically designed for surfing, its features make it a miracle worker in surfing.

Everything you need to have a perfect surfing adventure is available in this kayak model. The padded thigh supports assist you with feeling good as you move around. The rail profile and constant bend diagram empower you to execute reductions or base turn like a star. The kayak’s deck profile and similarly circulated volume makes it increasingly light yet still fit for parting approaching waves. This encourages you to keep rowing and avoid inconvenience. The most outstanding feature of this kayak is its shape.

​The manufacturer made it with V-molded frames. Besides, the kayak’s shape being appealing, ensures that you make turns during kayaking perfectly. For the color lover, this kayak’s color shade will fascinate you. I mean, who can resist the color red. It is a neutral color for everybody.


  • ​This kayak is extremely lightweight
  • ​The kayak has an appealing design
  • ​The kayak’s material is a great puncture-resistant
  • ​You will use this kayak for a long period


  • ​This kayak model is quite expensive

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Things to Consider Before Buying Top Surf Kayaks

There are a lot of kayak models in the market. The problem comes in when choosing a surf kayak. The fact that there is no specific kayak designed for surfing makes selecting difficult.

That’s why you need to look for specific features that make a specific kayak great for surfing. We have some aspects that you should look for when purchasing the best kayak for surf. Follow this guide and by the end of the surf kayak reviews, you will know just the perfect model for you.


Before looking at anything else, you have to consider the volume of the kayak first. The volume of the kayak will determine how buoyance the kayak is going to be. To know the volume of the kayak, you need to identify how much the kayak can hold. A kayak with a high volume is the best.

High volume ensures that the ends of the kayak do not submerge in water easily. This means that a kayak with a high volume is very stable. However, having a kayak with a high volume means that you need a lot of energy to maneuver through the water. This will make it hard for you to surf through strong waves with a high volume kayak.


In terms of accessories, we mean the items that you need after, during, and before surfing using a kayak. You need to have all accessories in each stage, to ensure that the kayak works great during the surfing adventure. Some brands offer some accessories when you purchase the kayak.

However, for some brands, you need to purchase the accessories separately. In whatever case, you should ensure that you have the accessories like a paddlelife jacket, and also a helmet. Going for a kayak with these accessories will be the best idea. It will save you the extra cost and hassle of purchasing the accessories separately.


As a kayak surfer, you should aim at getting a very durable surf kayak model. Remember that a surfing kayak will undergo through very rough usage. It will be hit by water obstacles and also very strong wavers.

Therefore, you should choose a model that can handle rough usage. This is where durability comes in. Look at the material used to make the kayak. Go for a kayak with the most durable construction material. Besides the material being durable, it also ensures that the construction of the kayak is very sturdy.

Hull’s shape

Different kayak models have a variation in the hull’s shape. The most common shapes of hulls available in the market are V-shape, rounded, and flat. Each hull’s shape is great in its way. Since you are into kayak surfing, you should look for a kayak with a hull shape that best suits kayak surfers.

Kayaks with flay hulls have the best stability, those with rounded hulls are good for great speed and maneuverability, while the V-shape hull kayaks are the best for fast-flowing water. We recommend the V-shaped hull for surfing.

Kayak type

There are sit inside and sit on top surf kayak. To determine which kayak type to go for, you need to know what kind of user you are. I’m a beginner or an expert? By having an answer to this question, you will know the type of surf kayak to purchase. If you are a newbie, you better choose a sit on top kayak. For an expert, any of the two types will be suitable for you.

Speed, width, and length of the kayak

To determine the speed of the kayak, you need to look at the width and the length of the kayak. If you want a kayak with great speed, go for the kind with a big length and a smaller width.


What exactly is kayak surfing?

Kayak surfing is simply as the name implies. Kayak surfing is just like any other surfing, only that this time you use a kayak. It is riding your kayak through strong waves in oceans.

How should I stay safe while surfing using a kayak?

All you need to do is to be ready for the surfing adventure. Ensure that you have all the necessary accessories you need for the trip. This includes having a life jacket, and also a helmet. These accessories are important both for experts and beginners. Also, make sure that you follow to the letter kayak surfing guideline.

Can beginners use surf kayaks?

​Yes. If you are a beginner, there is no need to worry. There are surf kayaks that best suits beginners. Therefore, if you are a beginner, make sure that you have a kayak model that’s suitable for you. Once you have this, be confident and get into the water with your kayak.

Are surf kayaks safe?

Most surf kayaks are very safe. Not unless you go for a low-quality from a less recognized brand, all the other models are safe. Most surf kayaks have a mechanism that allows the kayak to drain itself in case water enters. This means that you can’t capsize.

Final Words

If you have not yet tried surf kayaking, you are missing out on a lot of fun. However, it is never too late to be a surf kayaker. All you need is to look for the best surf kayaks available in the market. By now, I know you already have in mind, the model to purchase.

If you have not yet made a final decision, just go through the ‘things to consider again. You have all the information you need to know about the best surf kayak. We hope that you get a perfect surf kayak. Surf kayaking never gets old. Enjoy every bit of the adventure.

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